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you've read By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept?! that's wonderful, not many people have read it, unfortunately for them!

i also have The Alchemist but i havent read it in so many years, maybe i should re-read it,
i've forgotten everything about it!

i havent read Veronica Decides to Die or The Fifth Mountain, what are they about, and who are they by?

Milan Kundera is an amazing author, up there with Albert Camus, he wrote The Unbearable Lightness of Being and dozens of others. i reccomend that one, and Immortality.

i havent read him in a long time either, that's why i'd like to re-read some of his works,
but, i dont think he's for everyone, Immortality is heavy reading, but, if you get
through it, tell me what you think. it took me awhile to get through it when i read
it; eesh, i was only 16 at the time

it seems we may have the same taste in novels, what else have you read?


sorry i didnt see your question before about Anne Rice, but to answer it, no, i havent read
anything of hers, i prefer Poppy Z. Brite to Anne Rice, though i suppose i should give her a chance, right?
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Blue they are all by Paulo Coelho
Great ones too!!!! I can't say whether they are better than Piedra though, it's a deeply moving book!!!
And I read such a great load of book that it's very difficult to name some of them. Oh, i'm hopeless i feel so stuck now as if I've never read a single book in my life.
OK - what about HAnna's Daughters - have you read it???
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Blue....what kind of books does Poppy Z. Brite write? I wonder if I can get them here.
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One book she wrote is about actress/musician Courtney Love, of the band Hole.


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she is a very unique writer, most of her writings are incredibly graphic, and a bit
hard to stomach, but, entertaining indeed if you pick up a book by her,
stay away from Exquisite Corpse for awhile, it's a little too much for a first read.

i have decided to finally read Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom which i bought last year,
and I LOVE IT!!!

i highly recommend it!
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i've realized i have entered another reading phase in my life, thank GOD!!! i love to read, but,
in these past few years i have not kept with this passion for one bad reason or another; such as,
being too busy, etc.

so, in light of this discovery i have added to my Summer Reading picks, which now include:


Veronika Decides To Die - Paulo Coehlo - (thanks Billie, i'm already halfway through it!)
Fear of Flying - Erica Jong -
Possesing the Secret of Joy - Alice Walker
American Appetites - Joyce Carol Oates
Breathing Lessons - Anne Tyler
Time's Arrow - Martin Amis
Girlfriend in a Coma - Douglas Coupland
How to Save Your Own Life - Erica Jong
Exquisite Corpse - Poppy Z. Brite


i promise an opinion/review on each one as i finish them!

i just finished Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom as i previously
mentioned, which i reccomend to ALL OF YOU!!!

i found it to be inspirational, relevant, humourous, full of life and lessons for all of us,
and sorrow filled, precious, and calm.

please pick it up if you have the chance
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well, i started Veronika Decides To Die this afternoon, about 6 hours ago,
and i just devoured it, i loved it!

definitley FIVE STARS !!

thanks for the suggestion, Billie, it is now up there with By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept
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Tuesdays With Morrie. Such a great book! My daughter and I both read it and both cried.

Another good one is Angela's Ashes. It took a little bit for me to get into, but once I did, I didn't want to put it down. The lack of concern for each other always amazes me about the human race.

I have almost finished A New Song by Jan Karon. It's the last one in the Mitford series. I have enjoyed all of those books and would recommend them highly.

Also heard that the new book in the Left Behind series will be out in October. Well, this fall anyway. I thought the first one was good, but thought the second one was great. This is a very interesting series.

My Sunday school class is going to study the Prayer of Jabez, but we won't be starting it for a few weeks.

I tried to read the first book written by Anne Rice in her vampire series, but just couldn't do it. It seems as if everyone has read those books so maybe I should try again.

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Thank you Blue! I will have to look for some of those books!
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I don't know how I managed to miss this thread, so forgive the lateness of my replies. The book on Van Houten sounds fascinating. The whole Manson thing is a subject I am interested in. I didn't follow the actual news all that closely as it occurred because I was too young at the time.

As to the Star Trek novel: I have read quite a few of them, being a sci-fi fan, and a Star Trek one in particular. Many of the books are quite well written and engaging. If you are interested, I can recommend a few titles.

My big plug for this thread is for the Harry Potter series. If you haven't read them, treat yourself! They are not just for kids!

I read "The Perfect Storm". It was a great source for extra information if you enjoyed the movie.

Other than that, I don't have much recreational reading going on right now. I tend to get overly involved in my reading, and with my School Law text calling my name, I don't need any diversions.
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Yes, thank you, I'd appreciate your giving me a few citations of Star Trek books which you deem interesting. I've always enjoyed the various Star Trek series on television, simply because there's always at least one character whom I like.

With the "original" series, I liked all the main characters apart from Kirk. In the "Next Generation" series I liked Picard, Data, LaForge and Troi — though I hated Wesley Crusher (the worst casting decision in the history of Star Trek) and Whoopi Goldberg period.

In the "Deep Space Nine" series I liked Sisko, Jadzea Dax (not Ezri the second Dax) and the Constable — but I hated Kira, who was in a constant state of being mad at everyone. With the "Voyager" series I liked the Doctor, Neelix, Seven of Nine and sometimes Janeway (especially after she became less two-dimensional a few seasons ago).

Far superior, in my mind, to any Star Trek series was Babylon Five. The characters were more finely tuned and fully developed. I was especially captivated by the ambassador who ended up living with the main character. I think that actress (whose name I cannot recall) did a wonderful job, the best of anyone on any television science-fiction series. Alas, that series went to cable television and thus out of my sector of the universe.

Regarding that Sharon Tate book (and the Bugliosi book from years ago), I'm convinced both authors abandoned all scholarship when justifying Leslie Van Houten's punishment. But, the all-powerful prosecutorial system we have in the U.S.A. will keep her locked up for life no matter what — rather than ever admit to a mistake in its own judgment.

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Well, I used to have quite a collection of the Star Trek paperbacks, that have somehow gone by the wayside over time.

Some titles I enjoyed were: (Original Series)

Strangers from the Sky
Yesterday's Son
The Tears of the Singers
The IDIC Epidemic
Spock's World

Many of the authors tell a good story. Sometimes you get a dud. I usually just try to pick a book that focuses around the characters I like and read a bit to see if it seems decent or not.

I've read a number of the Next Generation books, too, but right now I'm going off a title list inside the front cover of one book. The titles are familiar, but I can't give you a definite recommendation.

I've read:
Ghost Ship
The Children of Hamlin

Those are the ones I am pretty sure were good. :LOL: Now I know why my father would read the same books time and again!
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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be at the library later this week, so I'll nose around in the science-fiction section and see what Star Trek wonders I can find.


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Has anyone read Barbara Kingsolvers' books? My favorite was The Poisonwood Bible.

Also, Amy Tan's most recent book is excellent. It is The Bonesetter's Daughter.

One of the best novels I've read in a long time is Memoirs of a Geisha. It is a great story. Sadly, I can't remember the author's name.

If you want a light, very funny read get The Three Muskateers. Believe it or not, despite having been written well over 100 years ago it is a real hoot! It will make you laugh out loud.
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The author is Arthur Golden.

I loved that book too.
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It's called The Third Millennium by Paul Meier and Robert Wise. It's an End of Days type book like the Left Behind series. But the who Rapture, Tribulation period, and coming of Christ is all in one book (I hate waiting for installments!). I really enjoyed it. It wasn't as in-depth as the Left Behind books, but it was still good. It was narrated by the archangel Michael, which was a neat twist. I've started the Fourth Millennium, which is the sequel. This one takes place in the last days of Christ's 1000 year reign. So far its good too.
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Dawn...I have heard of the Left Behind series, but not of the book you just mentioned. the Left Behind series totally scares the beejeebies out of me, maybe because I am terrified I will be left behind, I don't know... But...this book you are talking about... The Third Millennium sounds like something I would really like to read...the problem is....I live 70 miles away from the nearest bookstore...unless they sell it at walmart. I live in a very small town.
If you want to trust me to "borrow" your copy...I could PM you with my address, then send it back to you when I am done....but I won't be back online till Sunday or Monday.

Or I can wait till I do go to Des Moines, to a bookstore and look for it.
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I'm not trying to be Mr. Wiseacre here, as this is a legitimate question: Is there no library near where you live? I'm hoping you don't live in one of those "Books are instruments of the devil" kind of places.

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yes...there is a library in the town about 10 miles from me... )
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Cool! It's a lot less expensive, of course, if you can get some of those books via your library. We've a pretty good library system where I live. Hopefully your library has access to WorldCat, a world-wide "inter-library loan" search engine through which you can find many books your local library might not have on hand. It's worth your while to check it out (so to speak)!

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Thanks Joe! I will have to 'check into that'
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Debby - I'd love to let you borrow the book, but it actually belongs to our church library. I've had a very hard time finding Christian books in my library here (and I live in a large metroplex), so I've been checking them out from church. Another place I've found that has a few Christian fiction books is Half Price Books. Don't know if you have them there, but you might check. Also, you can order books online. I know my mom does this alot and is very satisfied with the selection.
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Wow I can't believe there are so many "readers" in here! My parents probably passed on some sort of "read all you can"-gene to me (dad has 9 bookcases full of books...), because ever since I learned to read, I've been reading all the time. I'm always reading some book, and re-read lots of them, mainly because I have a hard time putting a "new" book down once I've started reading it... When I'm re-reading a book, I at least get some studying or housework done.

I'm going through a scifi period myself... Re-reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series (contemplating doing my progradu paper on her work, as well as Herbert's), reading Asimov's Foundation books as well. Read a lot of Heinlein, although I'm not sure his books are that good, but at least it seems he was a cat person. I've read quite a lot of scifi 'oldies'.

I've liked Jane Austen's books, King is good, Tolkien excellent, and one of my favourite books is 'Anna Karenina'. I really liked Clive Barker's 'Imajica' I just read, too. Anything goes for me, really, as I read about a dozen books a month, sometimes more, sometimes less... Don't ask me to tell you whose books I've read, though, most aren't all that memorable!
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I've been checking out this thread just wondering if I was the only one here who had read the Harry Potter books. I have all of them, and I've read them all at least 5 times. actually, I know it's more than that. waaaaaay more! I don't know, I'm only 15 and all, probably not as mature as the rest of you, but my cousin in her 20's loved them (she bought me the first 2 for Christmas!) and everybody I know has read them and loved them. my dad just started them, too. My mom just brought home a book called The Golden Compass that a lady at Borders reccomended if you like the Harry Potter books. I'm reading it right now, and it's good so far, but I don't understand parts of it. (it's a childrens book, too...I seem to like them more, they're nice and completely unrealistic) I guess I'm just a sucker for fantasy stories. I should start reading things a little more adult though- Mr. Shepard will have a heart attack if he finds out that all I read all summer were children's books!
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Glad to see another Harry fan! My 13 year-old son read them first. I followed. Finally I got my 12 year-old daughter to read them too. She was afraid to tackle them because they were long. Once she started, she couldn't stop! I have read books 1-3 multiple times. I read them aloud to my kids at school last year. ( I teach school). I've only read book 4 once, but it's about time to pick it up again. Can't wait for the movie in November, not to mention book 5!
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I too am a huge Harry Potter fan! the wait for #5 is killing me!!!!
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Finally another Sci-fi/fantasy fan! I even recognized the authors you mentioned!

I just finished Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin - Wow 900 and some pages, got to love it. I'm currently reading one of the Sword and Sorcery short story books that's edited by Bradley - I can only read Short story books during the week other wise I don't get anything else done

I like about half of Heinlein's books - He went through a sex stage - and it interfered with the plot. I don't consider myself a prude but some of that stuff! but the rest are good!

Let me know of any new and up coming authors, I'm currently out reading my steadys and I hate to take a chance with ~$8 for a book that might not be good!

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I also love to read. All kinds of books, fiction, non-fiction, true crime, science fiction, etc. However, my all time favorites are the earth children series by Jean Auel (Clan of the Cave Bear was the first). If you haven't read this series, I envy you. Its the only books I've ever read three times.

Very interesting take on Sharon Tate's murder. I read Helter Skelter many years ago but don't remember too much about the evidence.

What a great idea this thread is! I'll try the recommended books.
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I haven't read any of the Clan of the Cave Bear series in a long time! I'm not even sure if I read all of them. I'll have to check that out at the library.
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After reading this thread I craved a new book...but the library is too far away, so I walked the 3 blocks to the Goodwill!

I love that store!

I found a 1st edition of Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher, and another 1st edition Ann Rice Servant of the Bones...both look like they've never been read, and each cost $2.99!

Now to find the time to cozy in and read them!

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