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I'm just starting A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius...glad to hear you liked it, Blue.

The last books I read were:
Please Kill Me - a non-fiction account of punk rock, very interesting especially if you were ever a fan of Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, The Ramones, etc.
White Oleander
The Man Who Fell to Earth - I got my cats name, Anthea, from this book!
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Judy Blume has 2 other adult titles, and they have been around for quite awhile: "Smart Women" and "Wifey". I remember Smart Women being the better of the 2.
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Stephen King and Peter Straub's new book Black House. Saving it for vacation in a few days, but have skimmed it, looks interesting to say the least...
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I absolutely LOVE books by Susan Howatch! If anyone is into family sagas and olden day books where everyone lives in HUGE houses by the sea and rides horses and the women go from one trauma to the next but always survive to end up in the arms of a true gentleman (ahhh wistfull sigh..) then try "Penmarric" and "Cashelmara" they really are outstanding! (Don't worry these are not wimpy "helpless women" books) - Cashelmara is definately the better of the two though! Also some of my other favorite books are by Diane Pearson, the best one is called "Summer of the Barshinskys" and the other one I like by her is called "Voices of Summer". All these books are great and you just can't put them down! I've just started a book by Niall Williams called "Four Letters of Love" its a tad dull at the moment, but Im giving it a go!

ooooo I just LOVE old paperbacks!! (and I usally buy them off the auctions on the net!)
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Oh boy... it tokk me a while to read all this thread...

My turn:
I read all the time (when I have the time;-)))

I am a reader of mostly crimes and mysteries. I have some favourites like Martha Grimes, PD James, Ngaio Marsh, Ellis Peters, Colin Dexter, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, Elisabeth George, Mc Bain, Janet Evanovitch etc...

I also love Mysteries which involves cats like:

- The Cat Who series
- All the books by Garrison Allen (Royal cat, Stable cat, Baseball cat)
- All the Midnight Blue mysteries by Carole Nelson Douglas
- The "Cat on the Edge" by Shirley Rousseau Murphy (about a cat that discovers that he can understand the humans)
- All the books by Rita Mae Brown, featuring "Sneaky Pie Brown "

Right now I am readingb "The last precinct" by Patricia Cornwell

Mr Cat,

I see that you are a fiction fan. Have you ever seen the Australian Series "Farscape"? I don't know if it went on TV in USA. In Portugal, it didn't, I just bought the serie on DVD. It's quite fun. Thinking about what you said, I too miss Babylon 5: it was really interesting.

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Hey Anne-Claire I keep meaning to try some of Patricia Cornwalls books, but haven't got round to it yet, what are they like? I mean are they really modern or are they set in times past? Romance or mystery? As much as I like a good romance I also like a mystery here and there, or a good creepy book to send chills down the spine!! whhhahahahaahaha !! (creepy laugh)

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Patricia Cornwell mysteries are set in modern USA, and they are creepy and gripping. Since the heroine, Dr Kay Scarpetta is Chief Medical Examiner be prepared to grisly autopsy descriptions... and she doesn't spare us anything... Suspense is great though and the books have a lot of pages...

There is a lot of mystery and almost none romance. I like it but be prepared to read a lot about blood...

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Ooooooo sounds interesting!! Maybe I should get my butt in gear and try one!?! Cool - I like a bit of suspense and if its a good sized chunky book - than all the better!! What are some the best ones?
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Hmmm... let me put my glasses... I would recommend starting from the first and if you like it... So: (but I am not too sure of the order)

- Postmortem
- Body of Evidence
- All That Remains
- Cruel and Unusual
- The Body Farm
- From Potter's Field

I am sure that Postmortem and Body of Evidence are the firsts, the other... I would have to check my books for that when I'll get home...

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Thanks Anne-Claire, I'll have a good look round the auctions tomorrow and see if I can find any!!

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