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Cats in the bed and sleeping positions

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I remember us doing a thread like this a year or 2 back and it was a blast reading it. And seeing hows there are new members (both fur and furless) I thought we could give this a go again.

We have a small bed between a full and a queen. Full size sheets too small--Queen sheets a tad to big. And at any given time we have 2-5 beings in the bed. Typically two are beside my legs close to the edge of the bed and one right between me and hubby. Hubby has a dickens of a time getting into bed when he goes to bed later than me because neither me of the cats wants to move from his side of the bed.

This morning I felt like I was trying to sit up in quicksand. The hubby and the cats had me wedged just right under the covers and no one wanted to move so I could hit the snooze button. By the time I was sitting up I was pretty much awake.

Anyone else wanna share.
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None of my cats sleep with me.

Kizzy used to, but not anymore.

When he did, he'd be up on my pillow even though my hubby's side of our queen is empty through the week, Kizzy would still be up at my head. (he was trying to smother me )

The odd time that he'd come up when hubby is there, he would end up in between us.
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Zachary and Lilly sleep on the bed with my Husband and I. Since my husband flops around like a trout out of water the two fur kids sleep on me. I've always slept only on my back so it usually does not bother me too much.

Lilly curls up against my side and halfway lays across my chest and Zachary sleeps between the top of my legs so that he can stretch across my lower body and touch Lilly. It can really get warm on a hot night with two cats on me. It's amazing that they can lay on me for the whole night!!!

Thankfully Forrest sleeps in his bed on the floor next to me - not on the bed. Three cats on top of me would be just too heavy.
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1 of the 2 cats will sleep with my fiance and I, but not both of them (except once). If Fiona sleeps with us, she will curl right in between us and spoon one of us, and not move until we get up. If Lolly sleeps with us, she gets up every 30 minutes-1 hour to find a better position, which can get pretty annoying! I don't think she really wants to sleep with us at all, she just wants to stop Fiona from getting up there either. Cats can be so funny!
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All of my 3 sleep with me. We have a bedtime ritual- when I'm getting ready for bed in my room, Taylor will come into the room meowing her weird meow, and letting me know she's gonna jump up on the bed (she's my old CH kitty) and once I'm lying in bed, she goes to "her pillow" a.k.a. the right side pillow of my queen bed. So, technically I'm only allowed to sleep on one half of the bed. And if I scooch over during the night, she hits me. Literally! Smack on the face. Then there's Pirate, he's my cuddle-bug. He likes to sleep back-to-back with me, I think he likes the warmth or something. I really don't know what he gets out of that position honestly. And then, Mama Mia normally jumps onto the right bottom corner of the bed and curls up to sleep. Sometimes Pirate will drift over to her and cuddle with her at night. He loves his adopted sis! (not in a 'kinky' way, just a loving way lol). And when I wake up, Mia is always sitting right next to me as if to say, "Good morning mommy!" and then there's Taylor, who gives me the, "FEED ME WOMAN!" meow (I hate her when she does that meow, if ya heard it you'd feel the same way trust me. It's just not cat-like the way she does it!). I occasionally wake up with Taylor's tail smacking me in the head, or her literally hitting me on the "chest area" if ya know what I'm saying. She gets ya where it hurts!

So, that's my usual bedtime routine. I basically get beaten up during the night and morning, not fun
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Pumpkin alternates between two beds: the one on my desk, and the one on the people bed by my feet. When she first came to live with us, she used to sleep on my pillow and randomly lick my head in the middle of the night.

Zero alternates between running around wildly like the tazmanian devil, and sleeping in various spots on/around the humans. Since he's big, ~15lbs, I'll sometimes awake with the curious sensation of not being able to move my legs. Sometimes, he'll sleep right between us and purr intensely.
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Sleep time, is Licourice's favourite time of day. She sees me walk up the stairs to the bedroom, and she follows behind purring. Once on the bed, she kneads herself into a perfect ball. (usually by my side). Oscar always shows up soon after. If he's feeling needy, he'll sit on my other side. If not, he'll go to the chair beside the bed. He usually is beside me when I get up, staring at me (it's almost creepy). Once I open my eyes, it's over for me, as far as sleep is concerned. My spouse thinks Oscar is a little obsessed about me. I have to agree. He does get jealous when I give the others attention. He's really a big suckie baby. Oz shows up, sporadically. He doesn't crave attention like the others in terms of cuddling, etc. He likes the playtime instead. If he does come to the bed, he'll sit on my pillow and purr like the dickens.
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Zane, aka Lumpcat, usually spends part of the night with me. He'll usually curl up by my belly or back.

When I'm sick, he'll really become Mr. Snuggle-up-with-us.
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Last night as I slept on the couch - again - due to a snoring husband, Mickey found me and plopped himself on my belly for most of the night. He's never done that. Annie (R.I.P.) used to curl up in the crook of my arms. Gray Gray (R.I.P.) used to sleep on my daughter's pillow and dared her to move him. She would come crying to me to get him because he'd nip at her if she tried to move him. He never nipped at me in his entire life. Once moved, he'd come sleep on my chest, which somehow troubled my hubby, because he knows I'm a "give me my space to sleep" person. (Guess he was jealous of Gray Gray)
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Skye usually sleeps at the far corner of the foot of the bed. For a while she was snuggling right up next to me but I kept squishing her.
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When they were kittens, Bella and Cindy would sleep one on either side of my pillow. As they've gotten bigger, Bella has moved to sleeping wherever she fancies - rarely on the bed though as my husband tosses and turns a lot. Cindy still sleeps on my legs - never for a whole night but she's there when I fall asleep and there when I wake up
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Both cats sleep in our queen size bed with us. Swanie usually starts out either across my feet or legs or leaning on my leg. Cindy will curl up next to DH on his side of the bed. Usually some time during the night, Cindy will come over by Swanie and they'll both be either on my side of the bed, or between us at the foot of the bed.

Last night was my first night home after spending 10 days visiting family, and Swanie stretched out next to me with his face right next to my face. I think he missed me
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Diamond will spend the night with me, but he has to have his own pillow, so I have to have one for the cat and one for me. Sapphire comes into bed when I go to bed, but only wants to get a little attention and to lick me while I pet her, then she goes off to sleep on top of the hamper.
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Alpine does different things on different nights. Sometimes she sleeps between my legs. Sometimes she sleeps on the pillow I hold if I'm on my side. Sometimes she sleeps on the open space next to my pillow. Sometimes she sleeps right on my chest. One thing for sure...she never sleeps near my husband because he's such a tosser! I just wish I wouldn't get so hot when she's on me, she's so sweet when she sleeps with us! Some nights she sleeps on the bed the whole night, other times she's up and down, up and down. Usually around 7am she whiskers my face and wakes me up, but if I can ignore her, she'll usually settle back in for another hour or so. As annoying as Alpine can be sometimes, I wouldn't change a thing!
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Hobbes loves to lay in the crook of my leg (I sleep on my tummy with one leg straight and one bent...he lays in the crook of the bent leg). Sunny...well, she's not so...considerate. Anytime she lays on the bed, she lays right up against Hobbes, wherever that may it on Daddy's leg/feet (which gets both kitties quickly evicted from the bed by Daddy), or be it on top of my legs (which I sleep through, only to wake up sore at some point, and sweating...thereby having the need to evict them both myself). Funny thing, though, Hobbes waits about ten seconds, then comes back onto the bed...which is okay...because he rarely lays ON either of us.

I love them both, but boy is one more considerate and thoughtful than the other as far as sharing the bed, lol! Sometimes I awake to find myself completely compacted into the fetal position, having made considerations for the kitties in my sleep...all sore from the position. LOL! And those stinkers know I will, too!!
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my new baby prince (9 weeks) cuddles up in bed with me and my fiance. He normally throws himself at the side of our high bed (thats Prince not my partner lol!), claws his way up climbs over me tickling my legs with his whiskers and then lays curled up just under my partners legs as he lays on his side and one legs hangs over slightly more than the other. My partner is very warm and cuddly but it seems the kitten is getting that warmth and cuddliness more than me right now ha ha! I keep waking up every so often to make sure Prince hasnt been sqwished! I'm all bleary eyed panicking bellowing 'where's the cat'.
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All three sleep in our bed although not at the same time. Typically Stan is waiting for me to get in bed and he snuggles right up. Bella will tuck herself into a ball at the foot of the bed. When I go to sleep Barney is usually on the floor in the doorway, but when I wake up he is usually sleeping curled up in the crook of DH's knees.

At wake up time it's all Stan loving me to death...he purrs, grinds his head into me and kneads my hair...the other two sit by and watch the master at work. If I am resistant to Stan's charms, Barney starts knocking things off the nightstand
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Cleo sleeps in her own room (so she can get some peace and quiet, lol). But the boys. Oh, the boys.

Albert has a routine. When it's time for bed, he jumps up on the corner post of the bed to let Daddy know it's time to wrestle. After he's good and tuckered out, we all hop into bed and get situated. For Albert, "situated" means nestled in Momma's hair, pulling 3 or 4 strands at a time in the process. Ouch, but sweet.

Ramsey is still deciding on his favorite sleeping spot. So far, the frontrunners are the couch and Daddy, but when he sleeps with us, he and Charlie end up wrestling at about 3am- right on top of Hubby. Bless his soul, he's the most tolerant man I know.

Charlie waits for me to get settled in (I, too, sleep on my side with one leg bent and out to the side) and then he comes and makes his place right between my legs. He kneads for a good 10 minutes before he finally conks himself out. I've gotten to where I can't sleep if he's not with me.
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Trout doesn't sleep with us every night anymore..she doesn't like sharing the bed with her daddy

If she sleeps with us, she will be between my legs pinning me down to the bed over top of the blankets. It takes some smooth moves to roll over, let me tell ya!
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Alafair sleeps with me often times. She used to every night, but lately she hasn't been all the time. She likes to be in between my legs, but I don't usually let that last long. Otherwise she sleeps somewhere down by my feet, and stay there for most of the night unless she gets kicked
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