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Cats in apartments

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How do you make sure apartment cats have a meaningful life?
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I live in a two bedroom apartment with a balcony and previously before that a one bedroom apartment with no balcony. My cats are purely indoor cats and only ever venture outside when it's a trip to the vet or on a lead, even on the balcony.

They have plenty of cat toys indoors. Rattly mice, toys that were bought from the baby section from a department store, scratching posts, cat nip, cat grass and cat mint.

They have two litter trays. They did have two more but they never did use them and I can't figure out why.

I also play with my cats for ten minutes, sometimes up to 30 minutes depending on how playful they want to be. There are ground rules established such as the kitchen counter, sink and stove are strictly off limits and they will sit before their dishes are put down.

And they're both happy healthy well adjusted cats.
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I have two cats ( I think for indoor cats in apartments one is going to be lonely) my cats have their own room, in which my boyfriend has put together a run, where they can climb, chase eachother through tunnels, with scratching posts and all their toys, the rest of the apartment is usually littered with their toys aswell, where they've abandoned them in favour of something more interesting, like a bottle top (LOL - isn't that always the way, get them some cool looking toys and they'll always end up playing with the wrapping!!!)
My apartment has a pretty long hallway which is great for throwing the ball and for them to fetch which they both love, especially Misty, she loves rubbery really bouncy balls!!

And then they also have eachother and they do love eachother alot, they play-fight and chase eachother at all hours and playtime is always a highlight for me because they are hilarious!

I think as long as you prepare for it, with enough things to keep their attention and happiness, and as long as they get loads of love, they have very meaningful lives. My two are at this moment working on a new psychological invention - how to hypnotise humans into doing whatever you want - so you see they spend their time in very worthwhile ways! (LOL)
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thanks guys.........

guess what?

Went to the vet today with two cats and came home with three

there was a little stray, actually there were two persian cross kittens
about 6 weeks old
how could we say no?

the more the merrier ....
anyway i've always believed that one cat only leads to another

hopefully they'll all use the same kitty litter
bobbi and zooey share one
thank GOD!!!
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I live in a one bedroom apartment and I think Zoey is one of the happiest cats ever I play with her all the time, she has a large cat tree that she hangs out on, a clean litter box and a sweater of mine on the bedroom floor that she loves to sleep on
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I don't see much difference between a house or an apartment. I live in a house - it has five rooms. When I had an apartment I had five rooms. Granted, the rooms are much bigger in the house and it has an open floor plan. Max is an indoor cat. He never goes out, except for vet visits. So, like I said, I don't see any difference between a house or an apartment.
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Nora........that's exactly the point I was going to make. An indoor cat is and indoor cat whether he lives in a house, apartment, trailer or studio apartment. A think a cat can have a great life no matter where he lives, as long as his owner gives him lots of love and attention and makes sure he has some quality play time.
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Surraya please do not think that 3 cats can use one litter pan. If I am reading your post right? They need multiple pans- at least one apiece. Yes it is more work for you, but it is less stressful for the cats- even if you scoop a lot, they will not usually all go in the same litter pan, it is not their nature to do this.
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Hissy's absolutely right there, my two have one tray each and they never go in eachother's. To be honest that's a good thing for another reason as this way if one of them comes down with, say the runs or is maybe constipated I can tell which one.

They're very fussy aswell, the trays have to be clean otherwise they'll moan and not go in until I've scooped and cleaned up!!

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I think this thread is better suited for the behavior forum and I will move it there for you.
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OMG congrats!! We wants picture!!!
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I am sliding this over to Care and Grooming.
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but boobie and zooey have been using the same litter box for so long...
bobbi has always shared her litter box and when zooey came along she just started using bobbies without any fuss and bobbi didn't seem to mind at all...
no hissing
no peeing on the bed

in fact it was more or less bobbie who taught zooey how to use the kitty litter...

i don't mind the work
it's just that it really doesn't seem to be an issue for them

for the moment the new kitty is using her own kitty litter in the guest room...

the other two... well...
they just don't seem to mind sharing
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thanks for all the thoughts

feeling a lot better now...

those subtle comments about how cats are not meant to live in an apartment and about how they are meant to be free to roam as they please always get to me...

and i've had to face a few of those lately...
so i was just .... well my faithwas shaken...

i suppose if i had a ranch or a farm or something with no dogs i might let them roam around during the day...

but not in the city...
i mean that's just asking for trouble...

can you really walk a cat on leash?
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It is SUCH a myth that cats are happier roaming free. Cats do just fine indoors, they live healthier, longer lives. There are no cars to run over them, no diseases to catch, no dogs to attack them, no kids to shoot bbguns at them, no wild animals to eat them.

The average life span of an outdoor cat is like 3 years.. compare that to 15 - 20 years indoors. They get more attention, more pampering, more toys, more food and more love indoors.

And yes with training some cats are able to walk on a leash. Most people will just let them walk in the backyard or something.
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I have taken in a number of strays, and once they came in they became indoor only cats. We had 3 cats in an apartment (all ex-strays) and never had an issue. We did have two litter boxes.

We now have 8 cats, all either former strays or former shelter cats (mostly also former strays). All are indoor only. We have 4 litter boxes. They get lots of play time, and play together, and play with the dogs (there's nothing quite like watching a 4 lb. runt of a cat playing with a 110 lb, very high strung dog.)

Cats don't need to "roam free." Our cats are very happy living in the house. While 8 would be a bit much for an apartment, as long as the cats get attention and care I don't see the issue.

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It is not true that cats will not use the same litter tray.

We have 2 indoor cats and they use the same litter tray. They always have. We used to have 2 set out but they decided on using the same one. We clean it every 2nd day and scoop it everyday about 3 times. Everytime we clean it out, they line up to use it. One will go and the other will sit and wait for it's turn. Once they have both done the deed they will run off a play together.

We have 2 food bowls set out for them as well, and they seem to use the same one. Again they line up and wait for their turn.

So not all cats are as fussy as people think.

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yeah ...
our cats are both quite laid back and they like to share as well

the three of them are getting along

zooey and the new kittie mythie were playing pawsies through a little box thingy i made....

it's actually quite a cool invention if i do say so my self ahem ahem....

one cat sits inside and there are all these tiny windows on one side only....
so anyway zooey was inside sticking her paw through and mythie was trying to get her
bobbie is still a little sceptical she was watching the whole thing from the top of the cat tree

i'm so happy it's turned out well in a matter of 48 hours

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happy to know that your two cats are accepting the new one quickly and smoothly.

before I got married, I was living in a big house with my family and GuaiGuai. GuaiGuai was free to roam in the house, up and down. He also liked to sit by the window and look outside. He never wondered outdoor. I believe he was pretty happy during those days at my parents' house.

MowMow has always been living in a one-room apartment with my Husband. Though being the only cat, MowMow liked to watch birdies and squirels outside. She never wondered outdoor either.

Now we have moved into an apartment building, no longer on the ground level. We discovered that MowMow was getting bored and in need for more attention from us. Thus, we brought home GuaiGuai from my parents. It has been a few weeks and I don't know whether GuaiGuai prefers the house more than the apartment. At least MowMow enjoys the company of GuaiGuai, someone who she can chase after.

So, the bottom line is, cats will find their own happiness no matter in an apartment or house, indoor or outdoor.
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I'm beginning to realise that. But i sure am glad we got Mythie though....

Zooey & her are inseparable. And once again it takes a kitten to bring out the kitten in Bobbie. Bobbie's stilla bit stand offish but you can see she's enjoying all the playing.

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