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Just a cute picture I had to share...

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From the art fair at the mall, this 2nd grader's rendition of a dragon.

Coupled with my love for dragons anyway, the cuteness of this nearly moved me to tears. It projected so much innocence, yet had such subtle detail. You can't help but smile, you know?

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very cute and well done. i'm a dragon lover too!
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that is cute! love it!
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yeah dragons
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That's really cute!
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Love it!
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Aww that is sooo sooo sweet!! The dragon and your response.

Look at the fire hes breathing and his arms
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Has the picture been removed? I can't see it.
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Awwwww!!!!!! Look at that adorable dragon nose and the fire coming out!! I can just imagine a little kid drawing that and it makes me melt This dragon is very likeable the kid who made it must love dragons
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Awwww that's so cute. I love pictures that kids do. My neighbours kids have done me several, and i have a badge at the office pinned up with a kitty that Chloe drew on it for me
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I can see it here now - work must have the photo hosting website blocked. That is a really cute picture! When Pami sent it to me earlier, it brought a smile to my face!
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