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I'm disgusted

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While stopped at a red light, on my way home from work, I saw a man holding a sign: "Please help. Need $27." A woman in the next car handed him some money. Just as he stepped away from the car, another man, obviously a friend of his, came up and joined him. This second man had an 18-pack of beer, on his shoulder. The first one put away his sign, picked up his backpack and took off with the second man and the beer.

If one is so hard up, that he needs to beg on street corners, he should be buying food - NOT beer!
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This is why I never give beggers any of my money
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It's pretty sad, but they've found that many of the panhandlers can actually make more money sitting on a street corner that actually working for a living. I've heard too that if you want to help them, give them a sandwich or something, not money. If they are really homeless and need it, they will be grateful. If they are scam artists they'll spit it back in your face.
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Yep, exactly. I gave some guy my chinese food once because it was nasty.. lol. Before I went in to get the food he had asked me for money. I said no. He was extremely grateful though when I gave him the food
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I won't give money on the street to beggars. However when I was commuting into London, there were often people who were playing instruments, reading poetry and the like. I would, where possible give these people some change because there were actually TRYING to do something rather than just sitting there with their hands out. I was especially partial to accordion players and the music was so melancholy and beautiful I felt they deserved the change.

It's got so bad on the tube now that beggars are abusing people who ignore them and don't give them money. That is bang out of order. I did notice that they have stepped up security on the underground, and now they have lots of transport police, uniformed and plain in the stations.
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That is ridiculis!! Those people need to get a life!
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A friend of mine once drove with an employee on his route. The driver knew all the beggers and their corners. He said the vast majority are scam artists.
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This reminded me of a story.

My mother in law was asked once by a begger ( she lives in germany ), for some cash. She told him she'd be more than happy to walk w/ him to the nearest restaurant and purchase him a meal, but that she would not give him the money in cash. He turned around and told her he didn't need food, he needed the cash for cigarettes He was mad she wouldn't give him the money she would have spent on a meal for the cigarettes!! Can you believe that?

My MIL just walked away.
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If everyone would quit giving beggers money they would quit begging. I guess it will never happen though. There are too many people around with soft hearts. Even in the worst of economies there are low paying jobs to be had. Most fast food places are always hiring an barring that, there are odd jobs to be done. If someone is smart enough to come up with a hard luck story that will get them a hand out, they are smart enough to get some kind of job. They just don't want to. I, for one, won't support that decision.
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I give some people money. I saw a guy just last week with a sign that said, "traveling and hungry, please help." He was sunburned and had a backback, and looked really pathetic, so I gave his 5 dollars. I saw him a little while later eating at the McDonald's up the street. I saw a husband and wife, elderly, with a sign that said "broke down 100 miles from home, will work." They had 2 cats in the car, so my friend and I bought them a bag of cat food, and gave them 10 dollars each. the woman did not want to take the money unless we let her do some work, but it was so hot, I just couldn't have her cut my lawn, the only thing I needed. I hope they made it home.
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There is a begger in Toronto who makes alot of money doing it - they call her the "shakey lady" as she shakes like she has Parkinsons. At the end of her "work" day her hubby picks her up in an expensive car and they go home to an expensive apartment. She was exposed on the news - she doesn't even really shake.

I will not give money, but I will give food from my lunch. I offered one guy my sandwich (roastbeef) and he said he was a vegatarian - can you afford to be when you are homeless? He did take some fruit!
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I used to work in a plasma center and a lot of these guys wouldn't go to a shelter, because they would have to take a shower and put on clean clothes. How disgusting is THAT? That was one time, that I was grateful for allergies and bad sinuses. Some of these guys were SO stinky, they made my eyes water. Mix the alcohol smell with years of built-up BO and its a near-lethal combination.

I know that sometimes you can't help being poor but you can try to keep clean.
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the only I give an beggar is food, so I have some. I did go to school in Berlin-Germany. Every day on the underground-Train there was some beggars. If I did´nt eat my lunch, I did give it to one of them.

Some are poor because of their illegal life (beggar who are not legal in the country) but a lot of them are just alkoholics. In germany there is a good social system, but if you will take the money you can´t always sit at home, you must make social work (picking up Trash from Streets or gardening-work in parks). If the people don´t want work or if there are to drunk every time, thex sit on the streets and begging. And that is nothing worth to help. I now It is very much different in the USA, but in germany there must noone sit on the streets if don´t want it.
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I will not give anyone any money anymore.

I was at a gas station in Phoenix (like on Broadway RD)... the area it was in on that side was ok. I was pulling the gas lever out of my car, when some guy walks up to me & says 'hey, *%^&, got any money?" I asked how much and told him i'd be right back.... Do u think he stayed put? No, he followed me, up until I got into the store. he waited outside. See, now, this scared me .... So, I told the cashier to watch out for this person because he followed me and called me a name and asked for money. So, they got the security guy, who told me to wait.. They brought the guy in, but they didnt walk my way & walked to the soda area...
I ran out of their soooo fast.... I havent been back to that one since.
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When we lived in Washington (DC) there was a series done by one of the local TV stations. They set up and followed some of the corner beggers. Every one they followed walked off to a nice car and drove off. A similar story done by one of the network programs (60 minutes, 20/20, don't remember which) found similar results. A story run in the Washington Post found that many make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 (US) with no taxes (which translates to anywhere from $75,000 to $200,000 of taxable income!)

What was also found it that those truly in need rarely begged. They were often the ones on the stoops, grates, or in the cardboard boxes, many with mental illnesses. I remember one guy with a family that came by to check on him and give him food, blankets, etc. They said they had tried but had no legal recourse to get him off the street, and always asked him to come live with them, but he talked with invisible people and wouldn't come along.

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A few years ago, I was stopped at a red light and saw a man with a "Will Work For Food" sign. I was broke, as usual, but had a bag of pretzels that I had just bought and hadn't opened yet, and I rolled down the window and offered them to him. I said, "I don't have any money to give you, but I do have food, please take this." He told me to shove it up my ***. Ever since then, I have made a point of completely ignoring panhandlers.

I do agree with the bit about street musicians/performers though: they are working to earn their donations. I've given money to a guy who came up and asked if he could tell me jokes for a dollar. They jokes were actually very funny! I ended up giving him $5 and told him it was worth it.
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A few years ago, one of the local TV news crews went out with a landscaper. He approached 10 different men with "will work for food signs" and offered them $6.00 and hour, to do yard work. (This as when minimum wage was less than $5.00 and hour) Out of those ten, ONE accepted the job offer and he took his first day's pay, got drunk and never showed up again.

The rest of them said, "Why should I work? I make about $50 a day, from people handing me money." All of this was caught on videotape and shown on the 4:30, 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 news. I think that they should show it at least once a month.

I remember hard times: down on my hands and knees, with a putty knife scraping cat poop off of someone's floor, working three jobs, selling flowers on a street corner and selling blood plasma, to make gas money, until payday. The jobs didn't always pay well and sometimes, food stamps kept the kids fed but I WORKED.
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Until they outlawed squeegeeing here in Ontario, there were well-to-do kids from the suburbs who would go downtown dressed in old clothes and do it to make extra money for cigs, booze, new clothes, CDs, etc. They'd make rather a lot of money in a short time, and then head back out to the suburban mall to spend it. You know beggars can make some bucks when rich kids pretend to beg to make the money that their parents won't give them...
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Craig and I go to San Francisco to watch movies at the Loew's Metreon Theater. (The best theater I've been to hands down)

San Francisco has got to be the absolute WORST city for homeless people. Seriously, it's absolutely horrible. Well we always park in a parking garage across the street from the theater, and walk across the street to see the movie.

Every single time we do this there is a homeless man on the street corner. He is very very polite, and he doesn't beg for food/money. All he asks for is you to buy his newspaper for $1. This paper is pretty political. Based on the homelessness in San Francisco and how to clean it up and get help. I've bought the paper I think twice, and they've always been very polite and said "Thank You ma'am."

I tell Craig.. "You know what, I'm happy to see them at least SELLING something rather than just saying "Hey Lady can I have some of your money." Yes, it's a cheap small newspaper but he's selling it and he's trying to earn money rather than beg it off. I donate to them as often as I have cash.
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Tucson banned selling things on medians, due to several paper sellers being hurt and/or killed. Outside of the city limits, though there are lot of very scroungy looking people, selling newspapers. I don't mind them working but, can't they clean up a bit?

There is one couple, who have staked out a spot next to the biggest and busiest furniture store in town. They have been working this corner, for years - not selling anything but holding up a big sign. I know for a fact that the furniture store hires lots of delivery help. Why doesn't the man go in there and apply?
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The men that stand on the corner of the theater are actually rather clean. They aren't spotless but they aren't completely nasty either. I really can't stand the nastiness of San Francisco. (No offense to those of you who live there)

There are sidewalks that smell of urine and human feces. Certain spots that are just crawling with nasty dirty homeless people. I was once walking behind a man in San Francisco (down town SF mind you) and noticed him walking and kinda shaking his leg funny. I thought that maybe he was an odd injury or something. Nuh uh. Soon I saw that he had actually SH*T in his pants and was trying to jiggle down out of a pant leg. I was appalled! HOW DISGUSTING!

SF needs to do something about their growing number of homelessness. They actually reward a stipend each week or month (not sure which) to these homeless people. Just write em a check please!!! YUCK
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I seem to remember that Toronto's "Shaky Lady" tried to sue people during World Youth Days last year. Toronto was the destination for Roman Catholic youth from around the world, and someone was worried about her taking advantage of young, naive, compassionate Christian kids. So they made up a sign saying that she was a scam artist. She got violently angry, and I think may have even tried to sue the guy with the sign.

Unfortunatley, there are many pan handlers who are people forced onto the streets because of mental health disabilities. People highly medicated for schizophrenia, for example, may not be good or reliable employees, they live in assisted living facilities, and in my town at least, they have to leave in the morning, and can only go home at night. There are people in desperate need out there. The many many scam artists ruin things for truly desperate people.

I don't give money to pan handlers. But I am polite to them. The other day, when I said, sorry, no, the fellow smiled and said, don't be sorry! Have a great day! Thanks anyway. And my favourite story, when I was talking to a friend, a man approached and asked if we could help him out. My friend took him to the corner grocery store, where the man bought bread, milk, and soup - enough food for several days.
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That is disgusting. I won't ever give beggers money either. If I want to help I give them food or a small giftcard for a grocery store. They can't buy alcohol or smokes with it.

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Once when my sister and I were in high school we were driving through a busy intersection and there was a family 2 parents and 2 kids with a sign asking for money, well my sister and I being teenagers did not have very much money, but we scraped up 15 dollars from change and such, and gave these people the money, they were very grateful but after we pulled away we watched them pack up and get into this really expensive SUV! I was so mad, I never have given money to a beggar again!
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