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Sleep in peace, poor lost Tabbycat.

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This morning I had a call from a friend, saying a tabby had appeared at her door last night, starving, bleeding, with both eyes gummed shut. She had fed him and he came into the house. But she has a cat and a dog and was in a state and didn't know what to do. So I went to see her and saw the cat was beyond our help and needed a vet fast. But although he was obviously in pain, he was a love, coming to be stroked and meowing for food. He could barely see, but knew what a cupboard was for (food), and when we put a plastic box on the floor to take him to the vet he jumped in it for a pee. So he had been a house cat though now emaciated and very sick. I made an emergency appointment and we took him in. The vet found a huge abscess in his chest that was leaking blood and pus, as well as numerous other problems. She wanted to keep him to examine him under anaesthetic, with the priority being a test for FIV/FelV/ We agreed that should she find major problems it would be kinder to let him sleep forever. I went back to my friend's house to await the phone call.

Sadly he had AIDS. So rather than keep him alive another few weeks, most of which would have been spent suffering, he has gone to the Bridge. My friend is very sad, as she had decided she would keep him if he could be saved. And her 11 year old son said that if it came to money, he would rather forego his holiday and spend the money on saving the cat. Now there is a boy with a future. I had to reassure her that she has done him the only kindness anyone could. RIP little one - you were a loved pet once, I am sure, and I am sorry you ended up lost and alone.
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Oh that is so heartbreaking hearing about that baby. You dont know how much it means that he found some people who cared enough to help him over the bridge. He got a decent meal and some love.

Im sorry you had to face some hard times but you are resting now, baby
Bless you and your friend, Jenny
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RIP, Mr.Tabby. I'm glad you found people who wouldn't just leave you to die alone.
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Oh this is so tragic and so sad

I'm so pleased he found you both and that he wasn't alone

Play happily at the bridge sweet boy, you found someone who cared in the end

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Oh Jenny, how sad. I'm so glad your friend called you though and that the poor kitty didn't have to die alone and in pain.
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Little Tabby, whole and healthy...
play at the bridge darling.
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That is such a sad story! Rest in Peace Little Tabby.
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Bless you both for doing what needed to be done for this sweet sole.

R.I.P. Sweet kitty, play free over the bridge

& bless that sweet little boys heart!!! It made me cry to hear of a child willing to give so much for a kitty.
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Poor sweetheart. I'm glad he found your friend and then you, to put some love and care into his last hours and help him on his last journey. And that is a fine, caring young man your friend is raising.

RIP Tabby
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Oh no...Poor Tabby........

RIP sweet angel....
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Poor little guy, at least he was loved again in the end. I couldnt post when I first read this, I couldn't see the keyboard through my tears. I used to have indoor/outdoor cats, and a few disapeared over the years. I hope that when the time came they had someone like you and your friend to tell them good bye and pet them.
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Poor Tabbycat. I'm glad he was able to find love and comfort in his last hours. I'm also touched to read about your friend's wonderful son who was prepared to forfeit a holiday to treat a sick cat. I'm sure your friend is extremely proud of him.

Rest in Peace, little Tabby
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Play on at the Bridge, Tabby. Find friends at the Bridge, maybe even a human friend that had to leave you behind to go on ahead.

You and your friend were angels to that cat, giving it love and comfort instead of cold and loneliness in its last time in this world. And any 11-year-old boy who would offer to give up a vacation to pay a vet bill will be an angel to other creatures in need someday, so I hope your friend knows what a great kid she has there.
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Finn is a great boy, very sensitive and caring. He does already love all animals and understands them beyond his years.
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Blessings to you all for loving and caring for Mr. Tabby - he left this life knowing that love, comfort and protection can be found in the presence of strangers, and that even as strangers, we can still all belong to the family of cats & cat lovers
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Bless you all for giving that boy love and release from pain....and special blessing on the young man who'd sacrifice his holiday....maybe the kitty was directed toward your kind hearts.
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OMG What a wonderful but sad post.My mascara is all over my face right now.
RIP poor little kitty,
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