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Daily Question.................07/20/09

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Good morning my dear friends…
Today I have the privilege to post here your daily question for the Lounge… I want to mention that all questions here are just for the unique porpoise of fun and of course, to stay in touch with all members, and to know what do you think about it… of course sometimes some questions are a kind of silly but funniest in the bottom!..… so lets begin…

Do you have a machine for play games at home?
do you have a Wii Fii? Nintendo? ATARI? or you prefer PC games? Do you spend lot of money in cartriges? or you´ll prefer to rent it..?...Have you ever play the games that your Cell phone bring?...

...So, start to post here!......
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nope don't play the games on the cell phone..I have the original xbox at home with a ton of games..and of course pc games. I find I get addicted to the hidden object games on the computer..oh ya..and I have a nintendo ds lite...too...
and for the ds..fav game so far is crosswords...yep..crosswords.
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We do have many game systems. I play a few games on face book and thats it.
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No game systems here. I have played a couple on my cell phone.

I do play too many on the couple of forums I joined. :bloush:
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I play a lot of games on-line plus I do have a PlayStation. I haven't bought any games for it in years, I don't think they even make games for the model I have anymore. I do hook it up once in awhile just to play Crash Bandicoot which is my all-time favorite.
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I play my games on line and a couple of games on CD'S.
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I wish I had an atari!! Man I remember having one of those when I was a kid.

Lol! And I'm not even that old.

Anyways... I do own game consoles. I have an xbox, ps2, gamecube, and a nintendo 64, as well as my PC which I consider to be the ultimate gaming machine.

I buy all of my games used so I never spend a lot of money on them. I'm patient, I like to wait until they show up in my favorite used game store before buying a game that I want.

I also never play games on my cellphone. I can't see paying like 5$ a month for a silly little game.

But I'm a little money grubber.
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I have a Nintendo DS that my sister gave me at Christmas but I only have two games and my favourite one I got totally stuck on even though I was cheating by checking online It`s been in the drawer for months. I shall have to get it out again!
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Games like that bore the pants of me, so no i don't have them
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Nice participation!...
What about me?... I use to have an Atari... God I love the old jostick.. but unfortunately dissapear when I move when I get married...
I´m so sure some of my brothers take it!......I´m "Hip to be square" not nintendo, not Wiifii...
But I love the ARCADE of TCS!
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I play some in the Arcade here, and I have a couple on my PDA, that are good for waiting rooms and such. Other than that, no dedicated game contraptions.
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I think we've still got my stepson's old Nintendo system and games somewhere in the house. Nobody's played it for years though (my stepson's 24 and he outgrew the Nintendo at about 16). I was the household Tetris champ back in the day, though.

I have Tetris on my cell phone, which I play sometimes when I'm bored. I play the games in the arcade here, too.
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We have a PS2 at home, but I havent turned it on in awhile. I got an adorable game called Petz Catz 2, so I think maybe I'll play it again soon.

I dont play any games on my phone, even though I have an unlimited data plan.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Games like that bore the pants of me, so no i don't have them
Same games here thank goodness! Although I'm sure Josh will change that someday.
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