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Going Crazy!!!!

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I am going nutz because of my Princey!!
Ok I already know when this anticapating feeling will go away.. when princey "has" her babies... LOL..

What can I do in the meantime.. From excitement I cant sleep or anything..
I need your help!!!
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the best thing you can do is sleep. When kept waiting and waiting for snowwhite to have hears and then once i calmed down about it alittle she had them. i went to sleep and then woke up and there was three new kittens!
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But Im:

" So excited that I just cant hide it .." LOL... I am going nuts theres no way I can calm down.. LOL Can you give me any tips to try to calm down.. ? LOL I just cant .. I am going crazy shes supposed to have them around now..
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it will happen soon you just gotta give her some space and tryyyy to calm down
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Damn all my suggestions to calm down are illegal LOL

Hmm how about drink a warm glass of milk.. take a hot bath with candles and bubbles.. ?
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I have a better idea how bout I take one of my moms valiums! lol!!!

Just Kidding!! LOL
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You have heard of counting sheep? As you fall asleep count kitties. LOL. I know, its hard to sleep when something so anticipated and exciting and you don`t want to miss out on anything...but you do need your sleep, most of your long wait is about over now!
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I am starting to believe shes never going to hve her kittens!
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What I do when I'm waiting for kittens is to get everything ready for when the kittens arrive. Washcloths to clean their faces, thread to tie the cord in case of bleeding, clean pillowcases for the birthing box to change out as the kittens are born, peroxide and Q-tips for steralizing the cord, a towel wrapped heating pad to keep kittens warm, soft music, food and water for mom after the kittens come, vet number ready in case of emergency, stuff like that.
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I got all that ready a month ago LOL!!!!!! Yeah this is my first Cat pregnancy LOL!! ( well kitsala had kittens but I didnt know she was even preggo) I have everything prepared... just waiting..
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Are there any kittens yet???
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Nope. *Imagine How I feel..*
Wow your from Chi-town too! Kewl!
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Crystal mate,

You know I'm with you in this, we're in the same boat, I'm seeking counselling as we speak. Val may be right about the sleeping and calming down, the only problem being that when I sleep all I dream about are kittens!!!!!!!!!
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LOL Same Here!! Then I wake up because I think the kittens are born LOL!!!
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Such is the little teasy tricks life plays on us eh? well I keep trying to tell myself 'it'll happen when it happens' but that mantra is beginning to wear thin! LOL
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That mantra wore out a month ago for me ! LOL
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Crystal, the problem is, Princey is a "tortureshell" and they do things THEIR OWN WAY! Lilith is one too, we were going crazy waiting for her to have her kittens when she was pregnant 2 yrs ago. What finally happened? I went in to go to bed for the night, my BF was in the bathtub, and I woke up to little teeny "mew!"'s. She had them curled up on the bed right next to me!
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