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tough trivia

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I know i haven't had tough trivia for a long time now but what the heck..lets play today...
the first person with the correct answer..gets a gift!

are you ready? put your thinking caps on...

This costs on average approx. $5000 a year?

good luck
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Taking care of your pets?
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Is it groceries?
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um, gas for your car?
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nope. both are good answers..but nope
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Energy? =O Like household electricity and such?
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nope..has nothing to do with food, gas, or clothes...
at least not for yourself
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Tipping someone?
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Raising a baby???
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nope ...none of the above...
umm could be one of the 10 commandments....
hows that for a clue?
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What the average person tithes/donates to a church/religion?
Or, mortgage payments ("Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house..."???
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I'm stumped now... I can't think of anything involving the 10 comandments.
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The bill of the insurance....
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..more like though shall not commit........
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The cost of keeping a mistress??
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Originally Posted by badgeygirl View Post
The cost of keeping a mistress?? affair! got it right
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I was just kidding, but it makes sense. There are a lot of people that spend bucks on an affair.
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