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Poo everywhere

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Our 4 month old kitten seems to be having trouble leaving her poo in the litter box. She never had a problem before, but now 3 times in the last couple of weeks she's brought it out with her, and either it winds up on the floor or just stays in her fur and she drags her butt around to get it off, which of course just mashes it into her fur even more (not to mention makes a huge mess of the floor).

She's a medium-hair so I'm not sure if it's just getting stuck in her fur or she's just running out of the box before she's done. We've never actually seen it dangling from her butt, only stuck to her fur. The poo itself looks fine, solid and normal.

Is this common with longer-haired cats? Common with kittens who are very excited? Or should I be calling the vet?
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One of my long hairs has occasional problems, and the old guy who is half hair regularly needs cleaning up.

If she hasn't been wormed it might be worthwhile bringing a fecal sample to the vet, worms are common in kittens and could cause a disruption in her normal elimination.

Or at four months she could just be in such a hurry to pounce on a shadow that she doesn't quite finish doing her business before jumping out and playing some more.

If it turns out to not be worms you might try trimming a bit of fur around the base of her tail, but if you aren't 100% sure you can hold her still enough it would be best to have a vet or groomer do that one though, their skin is rather loose and it would be easy to nick her with the scissors.
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This does happen now and then with Riley who has very long fur in that area. Even if it looks solid and normal it will occasionally stick to him. I've noticed he always seems to leave the litter box at a dead run for some reason so sometimes that causes it.

I would take some small scissors and trim the fur in that area. Hopefully she will "grow out of it" in time. If not, you can do what a lot of people do and have them do a sanitary shave of that area whenever it gets too long. Be very careful with the scissors since their skin is paper thin and cuts easily.
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