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I am so mad at the neighbors that moved and left the dog behind

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Yesterday the people across the street on the corner moved.
Now their dog is on the streets.
I think they left the dog behind on purpose.
It also is 108 out side here.
I tried to catch the dog but it tried to bite me and got mean.
The S.P.C.A does not answer the phone today.
Anything we can do?
I am afraid it will get heat stroke or get hit by a car.
We will call the pound tomorrow and report this.
I am so mad right now.
Maybe it will drink water when we turn the sprinklers on.
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That is horrible. Poor thing. Hopefully it will at least drink some water.
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Oh my goodness that just breaks my heart. Why do people do things like this. That poor baby. PM white cat lover, she should have some ideas on how to get him at least into the backyard for now.
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Are you familiar enough with the neighbors to know - is he just scared out of his mind, or has he been made to be an aggressive dog?

I would suggest you trap him in your garage (if you have one), or make a large trap for him - but if he is a dangerous dog - you may well be risking yourself or others.

For now - I'd put out food/water a safe distance from your house, but not too far away (like near a road, etc).
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I never talked to these people once and do not now much about them.
We put water out by the curb.
I was trying to get it to come in our back yard but the dog was getting mean so I stopped.
The dog looks like its part collie and german shepard.
It is scared for sure and has its tail between its legs.
We have a extreme heat warning also so I need to do something fast.
I only have cat food here.
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A strange dog that scared is likely to snap easily. Do not approach the dog. Do not move quickly near the dog. Be calm, relaxed, and maybe if the dog is by the road talk soothingly - but again - do not approach/grab for the dog. How soon before you can call someone to come get the dog? Can you call the police (will they do anything to catch the dog)?
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They said to call the pound tomorrow.
I am reporting the people also.
We we see if we can find the dog in the am.
I will not try to touch it.
I sure hope it wont get hit by a car.
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Do you think with a bg blanket wrapped around your arm (that you could hold up in front of him if he tried to bite) lure him to his backyard? Somewhere familair to him and he would probably feel safer?
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That is just so not right...if they were the kind to leave a pet behind on purpose (and I don't see how they could accidentally forget their backyard dog), they probably didn't treat it right either and that's why it's snappish toward humans.
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Well I used to see the police at their house a lot so something had to be going on there.
I will look for the dog in the am.
Not sure a blanket would help.
The house is across the street but not that close to my house.
I have had dogs before and some were mean.
The gate on the yard has a pad lock on it.
The house is bank owned.
We can call the pound at 9.

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Oh boy... let's just hope they can come in the AM, before getting too hot out...
to you for helping this baby! for him!
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I have not seen the dog today but we did call the pound and they sad they will send a truck to look for it.
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Poor dog. Why do people like that insist on having pets?? Its simply beyond me I hope something can be done for him.
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The poor dog is probably confused. Good for you looking out for it. It sounds like it is not about to trust you though. If you can, put a big bowl of water out for it near its house. Put some food there too if you can.
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The dog showed up again and was gone when the pound came.
I do have a idea though.
I will see if I can get close enough to get a video.
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How do people like that sleep at night? Wonder what they thought woulf happen to the dog, that he would just move into another home and all would be fine? I hope the pound is able to catch him before he starves or starts catching cats for food, that is just so wrong.
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if you try to approach him again kneel close to the ground and do not make eye contact with him. Look down and be calm and slow with movements.
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I still can not get the dog.
There is a cat also I m trying to catch.
The pound came again but they could not find the dog.
Then about 1 hour later the dog was back.
I will keep trying.
The worse part is there was no dog registered at that address so they can not even trace it there.
I wonder if it ever went to the evt even.
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