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I just had a scare with Bud. He was sleeping on his favorite shoes and all of a sudden he started dry hacking. Not vomiting, but a dry cough like thing??? He started shaking and kept on hacking. It only lasted 30 seconds, if that...

It really scared me! I was afraid he was having a seizure or something. His eyes were open and he seemed coherent. Do you think he could have had a seizure? He seems fine now, just like nothing even happened. Any ideas what just happened? He is overweight, but we are trying to cut back on portions (he was free fed).

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Maybe he was choking on something?
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I tried to open his mouth, but I couldn't. He never coughed up anything either. At first I thought he was choking on food or something he shouldn't be getting in to, but when he started shaking it got me worried that it was something else.
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Shell is he on medication?
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no he's not.
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Hmm well I'd say just keep a close eye on him. If he does it again I'd think a trip to the vet would be in order.

I'm sure he'll be ok
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My mom's dog used to make a honking coughing sound and he had a heart condition. I would go to the vet...
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I vote the vet as well. Any time there are trembles, or shakes it really needs a vet to say what it is.
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Shell, I found a link for you with some good information on seizures. http://www.sniksnak.com/cathealth/seizures.html I hope it will be helpful. BTW, my deceased cat, Midnight, did have one actual seizure during her lifetime and it was somewhat more dramatic than what you have described.

I agree with the others that you should take Bud to the vet.
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Thanks Guys! I'm keeping a close eye on him and plan on taking him to the vet this next week. Since he's overweight, I need to get him evaluated by the Vet & figure out the right plan and food for him.

So far, we haven't had another episode so hopefully it was just an isolated case. But a vet check surely wouldn't hurt!
Thanks again!
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Hi Shell

My Min Pin Ceasar does that on occassions. Our vet told me it is called a reverse sneeze. What you decribed sounds just like what Ceasar does. I have to calm him down to make it stop.

Of course I am no vet so it would be better for you to contact your vet. Keep us posted on what the vet tells you. I hope Bud will be okay.
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It doesn't quite sound like a seizure, but it does sound worth a quick vet check.
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