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My cat-loving aunt was in town this weekend, just camping overnight. When she got her camper set up, she discovered there were mice. She was saying that if there was a cat in there, the mice would leave. So I offered my totally mellow newly adopted cat, Oscar. She took me up on the offer. So I put him in the back seat of the car, he laid down for the trip, completely relaxed. Brought him into her camper, he found the bed and then veged out. I have never met a cat so mellow and easy going. She got a cat to cuddle for the night, and oscar had fun.

I think I should rent him out
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So did he get rid of the mice?
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
So did he get rid of the mice?
Ah you beat me to that question!
I have this image in my head of the Aunt sleeping, the cat snoozing, and the mice having a little mouse party!
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She said she heard them for a bit, then not at all. She just wanted the "cat smell", so the mice would think a cat lived there and move out. Her camper is a tiny (custom made because they don't usually come that small) airstream, so it wouldn't take much "cat exposure" to get the word out to the mice.
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Oscar must be having fun.
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For that you might want to just give Oscar a good brushing and then scatter the fur around the camper. Or put some soiled litter in a bag and scatter it around the perimeter.
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You know, there are Bed and Breakfasts that have a "rental cat." If you want a cat in your room, they'll supply one for you.

I'm waiting for a cruise ship that has rental cats on it.
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