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The Extreme heat is frying my plants

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I just went to check my plants and they are all wilted.
Half my corn looks dead and all my blossoms on my watermelon are wilted and the plant is almost dead.
All my cherries fried and are not edible.
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Don't even get me started on the heat. The past week it has been 100 - 110, along with the humidity! My plants are really suffering. I am watering as we speak.
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My prickly pear, agave and aloe have all died!
And sometime last night, the AC in the restaurant bit the dust, we had to open, cook and serve breakfast this morning with the doors wide open, and several shop fans running, and it was still 93 inside.
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The A/C always seems to break on the hottest days of the year.
At least we are not as humid a Texas.
Even my Canna wilted and it loves the heat.
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The pump in our cooler went out yesterday so it was blowing straight hot air in the house. Not only are plants suffering, all the pets were laying around panting. It's fixed today...much better. Hope this heat breaks SOON!!
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poor plants......
did you imagine a umbrella for your plants?.......
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I hear you!! it was like 112 yesterday. going and seeing the horses even at 7:30am i sweat A LOT! And not even riding! the humidity is awful!
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thanks for the reminder, I better go water my plants now
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While we haven't had the heat we haven't had the rain either.

With temps that warm you need to water your plants either very early morning (like 4-5 am) or evening about dusk. You can also take a tip of the groundskeepers at golf courses and if a plant is wilting just shock it back by watering for just a few minutes.

If you are watering it would be best to use soaker hoses wound around the base of the plants vs an overhead sprinkler which up to 40% of water can be lost by evaporation.

If hand watering aim the water at the base of the plants not the leaves.
Plants need an inch of water/week. For shrubs/trees put a hose about 8-12" away for trunk and turn on the water so its a bit more than a trickle and leave on for at least a couple of hours.
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We don't have the heat here either (Thank the Lord!) but we're also dry right now. We don't have anything much planted around our new house so I've not worried any about watering. But yesterday we had a friend come see the house and he owns a lawncare business. We were showing him around the yard and the grass was all crunchy below my feet.
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If I could weather swap with you guys I would...we still havnt made it into the 80s...well, one day we did, but only for a couple of hours. Finally started getting some rain last week. Cherries here (well from Okanagan BC) have been very edible as I can directly testify too...good luck with the rest of your veggies, and at the very least breezes to take the edge off the heat
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Its been a odd summer weather wise. Here in maine we have had way to much rain. Crops are rotting because they are to wet and no sun..We haven't even put our air conditioner in the window its still in the cellar. Probably won't even have to, Nights its too cool to leave the windows open. I even have had to turn on the furnace some mornings to warm the house up!
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