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Pureed or smooth food?

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Hello all!

Well ill explain why im having difficulty eating..(Sorry its kinda long and ill just go into it)

One weekend i felt very rough and had a high temprature but was shaking , (bad enough my mum slept in same room with me and im almost 18). Anywho, The next day i felt a bit better but with a really sore throat , on the monday , i went to work (nursery) with this really bad throat and found it diffcult to eat. A hour late a parent dropped her kid off and said hed just got over a nasty case of tonsilitus , (never had this before) so i went to docs who confirmed i had a nasty case and gave me a spray to numb my throat .. i went back to work, but the next day i felt worse and woke up to see blisters on hands , feet and in mouth , well straight away i thought hand foot and mouth disease , i went to the docs who sent me straight to the hospital because i had fresh blood building in mouth , at the hospital , they done a scope , (tube through ur nose into ur mouth) then admitted me putting me on iv painkillers , fluids , antibitoics , they done bloods and urines , and further scopes , i lost 1 stone in a week and ended up staying in hospital 10 days. When i came out i could eat and drink again , a week later i got told i had a growth in my throat and put back on antibitotics as they cant bisopsy growth while i have infection , i also have to gargle salt water everyday twice a day.. on and off over the last 2 months my throat can be fine and i can eat great then it will go bad and i cant eat for a couple of days , my appointment with specialist is 13th augest.

Anyway ,sorry for being so long winded the upshot is , what foods can i eat which are v smooth for my throat when it plays up , because i basically live on yoghurt and water wen my throat gets like this!

Thanks in advanced if you read this xxxx
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Aside from Yogurt, consider soups, eggs, mashed potatoes, spaghetti (without meat chunks), you can mash up lots of different fruits such as bananas, have some apple sauce...

I am sure I can list a ton of easy smooth foods.

Just make sure that you are getting the proper ammount of calories and good nutrition every day.

I hope you get better soon!!
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Thank you , i have some instant (ew) mash that i could take to work tomorrow as a last resort , i just tried eating some soft cereal (eww) and it hurt my throat.. only 3 weeks until i see the specialist x
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You can try those meal replacement beverages such as Boost or Ensure. We give them to patients at work who aren't getting enough nutrition through their regular meals because they won't or can't eat them. The shakes come in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavours. I've had the chocolate one when I haven't had time to go for lunch, and it's pretty good when served cold.
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If you have a food processor or a blender, you can make almost any food smooth. When my father was in the nursing home many of the patients had to have a smooth diet and they pureed all of their food.

Good Luck.
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Anything cold or frozen may help numb it. Try sucking on ice cubes.

Hope you get well soon!
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what about scrambled egg or would that still be a bit to tough for you?
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