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A message from Tempyst?

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Hello everyone. I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, and I thought that this would probably be the most appropriate.
My cat Tempyst had to be euthanized 6 months ago due to complications from improper medication for a heart condition. A couple weeks after that I heard what sounded like the garbage can being tipped over, as Tempyst was wont to do, but when I got up to go see if maybe one of the other cats had, the garbage can was upright. I passed it off as an active imagination and thought nothing of it. About a week after, though, I heard it again and when I went to check, again it was upright, I believe it was just a couple days after that I was going to sleep and felt a cat jump on the bed, very lightly; I looked over and none of the cats were there. At that point I came to think that perhaps Tempyst was coming back in spirit form to visit me.
After these types of things had happened several more times over the next couple of months, with no other logical explanation I accepted that he was letting me know that he was alright since I was taking his passing very hard. Since then I've had a couple of very vivid dreams about him, the most recent one being where he came back to protect me from danger. I believe that it is Tempy, and have spoken with a family member who had a very similar experience after accidentally killing her kitten in the dryer when he jumped in and she didn't notice. Has anyone else had an experience like this with a pet that has passed on?
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It's funny you should post this just a few minutes after I was wondering whether to buy this book: Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits
I think it's quite possible that Tempyst is still with you in another form, and letting you know he's near and fine. I had a similar experience with a dog who had passed - the feel of him jumping up on the foot of the bed, or brushing past me. With other pets it has been more of a feeling of their presence in the house, or a toy I thought had been stowed away as a keepsake suddenly turning up on the floor.
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I can definitely relate to the toy, Tempyst had a favourite toy that my mom got him when he was a kitten, it's a little lamb that has catnip in it. After Tempy had passed I had his things set up on the entertainment center, a picture, his collar, his shirt, and a couple toys, one being the lamb and for a few weeks the other cats would get up and push his lamb down onto the floor. They wouldn't play with it, just knock it down and it was never anything else. Tempyst was never very good at jumping up on things, so my boyfriend thought that maybe the cats were getting his lamb down for him, that maybe he was still here with us. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who has these.
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I'm sure there'll be others posting soon. That's cute about the other cats pushing the lamb down for him. I think they'd be very attuned to a former companion coming back, or never leaving. Their "normal" senses are so much better than ours that it seems reasonable that their extra-sensory powers would be stronger. It freaks a lot of people out when they see cats apparently just watching "empty space".
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Yeah, i agree. I totally trust my cat's instincts when it comes to... just about anything, especially people. With my ex it took forever for my old kitty to get used to him and approach him for anything, she'd run most the time. But with my current boyfriend she climbed right up into his lap and loved on him the moment she met him, and he's turned out to be the best thing for me. It's amazing how much they know and can sense that we wouldn't even think they'd be aware of or that we, ourselves aren't aware of.
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Isn't that comforting knowing that Tempyst is visiting you like that

I have a friend who swears that she felt her late cat lying across her legs in bed like she always did. This happend a couple of days after she passed, but it brought her comfort as she felt it was her way of telling her that she still lives on
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My dear Fred, who was my constant companion for 18 years, still comes to visit my DH and me. He jumps on the bed and lays in his spot occasionally. Scooter is picking up a lot of Fred's habits and mannerisms as he grows older, like Fred is teaching him, like he taught baby Scooter to be a cat.
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I do believe they come back My sister lost her cat she had had from a kitten a while back. He was about 14 I think and had suffered 3 strokes and was quite senile But she said a week after he went, she was in the kitchen and she saw and felt him at her feet getting in the way like he always used to

I don`t think I`ve seen Kitty or Maisie but when I groom Sooty in the evening in the bedroom, he quite often stares at the doorway like he did if Maisie was sitting looking in. I say to him that it`s Kitty and Maisie come to see if he`s settled in ok
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I think that is wonderful that you have experienced this. I know its not something everyone gets to. I have only had one dream of Babygirl and it was soooooo calming and so peaceful and so overwhelmingly beautiful to have had it.

Tricia, that book looks really good, Im going to add that to my reading list.
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The day after Smokey passed, I went to a friends house & she was fostering a little grey kitten. I took one look at him and started to cry. He looked just like Smokey did when she was a baby. I sat down & he came running over to me & sat on my shoulder next to my face purring. That little kitty is now my Levi. After bringing him home he NEVER gets near my face. I didn't get it at first, but now I think Smokey was there & told him that I needed him.
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When my very special soul cat was very ill and had to be put to rest, I was so devastated. He was put to sleep in the morning, and that night my husband and I were in the bedroom and one of our chinese meditation balls rolled of the dresser. It was way back on the dresser and it had never rolled off before. I think it was Bubba saying goodbye.
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Thank you all for sharing your wonderful stories of beloved pets paying a visit to say goodbye or bring comfort. It's so good to know that our pets love us just as much as we love them and know that it's hard on us when they need to go. I believe that all of our precious ones are happy and healthy and want us to know that so we don't remember them as suffering in their last days, but as the joyful souls that they were while they were here on earth. It brings us such comfort to know that we will always be with them, just as they are with us.
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