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3 day trip

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By the end of next month I will be packing up and moving across country on at least a 3 day trip with my little feline companion. (Oh and my boyfriend of course, but we all know our men come second to our furry little friends!)

I've never traveled more than a few miles with any cat, and I am not sure how Bean Bean will react to this extremely long ride.

Not only that but we've only got a 1988 Jeep commanche that he'll be riding in. No back seat, and from what I've heard riding in the bed of a truck is not a good option for kitties. (It is a covered bed!)

I've been doing a lot of research on this subject and I'm planning on a few different options that are easily interchangable on the road in case something doesn't work out...

But I would like some advice and experience from the weathered travelers out there who know what it's like to travel with a maybe feisty feline.
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Wherever he is, make sure he has access to air conditioning, and preferably also one of those hang-on-the-door fans to circulate the air into the carrier.

Put a towel in the carrier with him. Expect him to use it as a litterbox. Some cats try to "hold it in" at first, and they may cry when they really need to go, until they give up and use the towel.

If you can get the carrier to be out of direct sunlight, that's great because sun on the carrier will heat it up--but I know this is hard to do in a car because of turning and changing angles, so if it doesn't work out, don't sweat it.
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I forgot to mention that our truck doesn't have air conditioning.

This is the main reason I am so worried about Bean Bean.

I also had a brilliant idea of putting a bag of ice into his carrier with him. To possibly help keep it cooler in there, and then changing out the ice every so often.

My very last choice is to put him on his leash and harness and to have either myself or my boyfriend keep him in check while we are driving. So that way he has the advantage of feeling the air circulation as we are driving.
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