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Natural Planet Organic vs. Innova dry foods

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Hi, it's been a while since I checked into the forum. It's refreshing to know that the forum and its members are alive and well. More importantly, it's great to know that it's resourceful and active as it was a few months ago!

As some of you may remember, we have a kitty (well, not such a kitty anymore since he's about to be 2 years old) that is allergic to fish. Since we had him, he's never really been able to eat any significant amount of dry food without having stool issues. We even try some of the more plain / clean variety that do not have fishes, and he still gets issues. Hence, he's like to be allergic to fish and something else. What that something else is is beyond grain, as we've tried grain-free as well.

Currently, I'm trying to give it another shot. He's been fed on Wellness chicken and beef canned (he used to like a variety of food, but the spoiled little guy like pretty much nothing but this and the Wellness Core chicken foods...$$$...ouch). I like to get him a blend of dry as well, for balance purpose for him and convenience purpose for us. Hence, I'm going to look at some dry food with the fish ingredient (he really should be getting some omega-3) way down in the ingredient list (not in the top 5).

Thus far, we've try ~20-25 kibbles of the following food without any issues. We'll continue to progress to about 1/2 cup eventually to see what happens.

But I like expert advise on which is better:

- Natural Planet Organic

- Innova - cat and kitten

Both have 30-36% protein. I've heard kidney issues poetntially contributable by too high protein content for himmies and for males. So Evo and Wellness Core is out. I've also tried the Wellness (non-Core) dry that comes in the blue bag. But I like to avoid all single-branded food for him, in case something goes awry with Wellness.

Any thoughts would be very, very helpful. Thanks much!
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One if you feed any wet food the protein in a dry is a mute issue IMHO .. For male UTI issues it is calcium , phosphorus and MAGNESIUM that play a big role in a dry food

Innove is a SOLID food but to lower the protein they use IMHO WAY too much grain

the organic is likely similar in that regard but I do not know as I have not heard about it and it is not avail to me locally
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