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do cats like high grass??

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Ok i wrote aobut this a month ago - the ferals are crossing the street. NOW they are literally hanging out in my neighbor's front yard all day. I thought they were surely feeding them. BUT this morning i heard their child yelling out the window (8am on a sunday) for hte cats to leave.

I now know they dont want the cats there. I will probably write a note saying the cats are fixed and being fed across the st. But why the cats are there and how to get them back - im not sure of - except that my neighbor desperately needs to cut his grass - woudl that be why they are there??

any ideas??
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Very possible they like the grass. It provides cover for them, and also keeps them cool if the weather is hot where you are. Think of how nice cool grass feels on your feet on a hot day! Critters also live in high grass, they may have chose it as a hunting ground, though there is food available to them from you, they will still hunt.
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How high is the grass? Having lived in a very rural area where the grass would get waist high, the feral cats would go out there to hunt. But they went out there for the sole purpose of hunting, and not to take cover. If a cat were in the middle of a grassy area with no trees and a predator showed up, it is not easy to escape from. The grass impedes them from running away quickly.

If the grass is just an unruly lawn (under a foot deep), I suspect that they are drawn to it thinking there are things to hunt. Tell your neighbor to mow his lawn. The cats will disappear quickly once the lawnmower starts.
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i should mention though there are acres of woods all around. So i dont know if they would still choose high grass as opposed to the woods. But let me know if thats likely.

Also how would I now politely tell my neighbor he needs to cut the grass. I could care less what it looks like - I just want the cats back and to know they are safe. I WORRY so much for them crossing back and forth like that.
And now that i know they dont want the cats in the yard - i have to worry about them taking the situation into their own hands - which usually isnt good. But if i get a note to them soon - then hopefully that will help...

Is it legal to tape a note to the outside of their mailbox????

Yes the grass is less than knee high.
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There's nothing illegal about communicating with a neighbor. You could also write a note, put it in an envelope and drop it in his mailbox.

As to what to write.... I'd go with informing him that you noticed their child trying to get rid of the cats from the yard; you wanted to let them know that the cats that have been on his lawn are part of a managed colony that has all been sterilized. They are trapped and fed in the woods across the street, and you'd like to see them stay across the street too. You're not sure, but you think they may be attracted to the yard because the grass is growing a bit.

....did you want to remain anonymous? If you're not worried about it - maybe offer to mow the lawn?

Is the family around on the weekends? Maybe there's been some family illness or injury - or both parents are working a lot - and there's a reason they haven't gotten to it?

Just random thoughts.....

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