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When do they stop growing?

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Does anyone know about how old cats are when their bodies stop growing? I have a kitty that is a year and three months and is going thru a growth spurt and seems like he is gettung bigger every day. And also, I have another kitty that will be a year old this coming weeek that I bottle fed who is still quite small. Is this because he was bottle fed from about three days old? The vets say they are very healthy but I was just curious cause the older one of these two I think is gonna get really big and he is just so prettty now and he's outgrown my two older ones.
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I've heard people say that bottle fed babies tend to be smaller as adults, but of the bottle feds that I've raised, 5 of them are at least normal size if not big. While Scarlett is petite (under 7 pounds full grown), her brother hit 18 pounds. Muddy is 14 pounds, his brother Jake is 14 pounds, brother Elwood is 18 pounds, and sister Koko is a normal weight about 10 pounds. That litter was orphaned at 10 days old.

The larger the cat, the longer the time it will take to reach maturity. The largest cat I know (friend's cat Mojo) kept growing for about 2-1/2 years and topped off at 23 pounds (the vet claimed he was only slightly pudgy and asked to get him down to 22 pounds). If a cat continues to grow beyond 2 years, it is usually (but not always) that they are growing out and not up.
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I've noticed that after about 6-8 months they're filling out more than actually getting taller/longer/etc. You can also tell some by when their paws stop looking big and goofy on them.

My bottlefeeder litter turned out smallish, but their mama cat was smallish too so I think they would have been that way anyway...they got almost as much nutrition as they would have, since another mama cat on the property with a litter about the same age gave them some spare meals after a couple weeks (when everyone was starting to transition to solid food anyway, so no one lost out, the mama cat just had to maintain the production level a little longer).
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WOW Momofmany, those are some pretty big kitties!!!! I bet they are adorable. I will just continue to wait to see how big Baylee will get, I really think he is gonna be a big boy tho. His paws and his bones in general still look pretty good sized. He is just now starting to grow a pouch in his tummy and I remember Squishy started to get hers before she was a year old. The bottlefed Lucky has small paws and has not even filled out in some places yet, i think he is just a slow grower. Which is cool cause I like the looks of him small, he has a tiny sounding voice and i think its cute cause his size goes with it. lol
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