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Need Help! Veterinarian has No Idea what my cat has???

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I hope that one or more of the readers have either gone through a similar outer fugal on their cat or know of a friends cat and will be able to help.

Hairy my cat is about 8 year old male that I adopted from a city shelter when he was about 1½ years old.

After 5 months and over $800 my Veterinarian has no idea what Hairy has contracted? My Veterinarian took lots of pictures and visited a Dog and Cat Dermatologist Convention where I would imagine that other Veterinarians would have also taken a look.

I have used this Veterinarian for the past 15 years as my last cat died of old age at 23 years of age. His wife is trained Veterinarian Assistant and both his children are attending post graduate Veterinarian Studies.

It seems like a blister breaks the skin, the red marks on the following pictures, then it crusts over with a medium chocolate brown colour. This crust is dry and when removed takes the skin with it.

Ist visit to the vet, his temperature was 1 degree above normal and 5 blood samples were taken. I was given some small white pills looks like Retocumzete or Detocumzete (cannot read much of his writing on the Invoice) and Ofloxacin or Ofamox (a white liquid to paste over the brown-crisp stuff and was to rub it in and it would help remove the brown-crisp.

The small white pills or the onset to this illness took his appetite away and he lost about 3 pounds from 23 lbs to about 20lbs.

2nd visit (2 weeks later) to the vet, he just refilled the Ofloxacin or Ofamox. oh yes this is when the brown-crisp moved down to his nose. I was told not to use the Ofloxacin or Ofamox on his nose.

3rd visit (2 weeks later) to the vet, he prescribed some that looks like Nevoluin large orange pills and more Ofloxacin or Ofamox. The first couple of nights the cat walked around like a drunken sailor. He would hide and not come out even to eat, he basically quit eating anything at all. These pills lasted 20 days and he further dropped his weight an other 4-5 pounds. Now his bones stick out of his hair skin.

4th visit I asked if they had found out what it was that the cat had. The Vet said he still did not know. I walked out and haven’t been back.

I rubbed Webber’s Vitamin E Ointment on his nose and removed the crisp-brown stuff that had soften up … and it work but came back later and I still run the Vit-E on his nose .. I rubbed it on both ears, and it cleared up the one ear but did nothing for the other ear.

Pictures can be seen on this page I put up on the Internet. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

And bless those who put up this site.

Pictures -
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A few thoughts/questions

- aside from blood tests, has he done any other testing? (such as a fungal test to see if it is fungal based)

- allergies ( have you changed anything lately?)

- any mention of "rodent ulcer"?


- is Hairy still on any meds? Is he still eating or not eating?

Honestly IMO, the meds are doing some severe damage to him (weight loss) and that is a huge concern.... Hairy not eating is a huge concern too.

I know you like your vet, but would you be willing to try another vet? (I'm in your area, and can recommend one)
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Has your vet every done a skin scraping to try to determine what it is?

Is it only on his head? It's possible that it is some type of allergy.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Has your vet every done a skin scraping to try to determine what it is?
That was my thought also. Skin issues can be very hard to diagnose, and allergies can sometimes be the hardest to isolate. If your vet hasn't done some type of testing on the skin tissue itself, then there is no way it will be diagnosed. And be prepared that a skin test may not even be conclusive. By the pictures, it does look to be fungal based, but I'm no vet and can only speculate.

I had a cat with hair loss for 8 years and all the testing in the world never found the cause. When our dog crossed, the problem went away. Turns out my cat was allergic to the dog (and not all dogs, just that one particular dog).
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Does kitty have ear mites? I had a kitten once with similar skin ailments and found out he had was allergic to the mites. The mites migrate and go out the ear and caused the reaction on Sebastian. He was treated three times with the "once only" treatment of ear mites before they finally went away and he got better.
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Wow I'm so sorry to hear your cat is going through this awful ordeal!!

I pray that he gets better soon!

I think you should seek a second opinion from another vet, and if you get no answers there, then find a third opinion.

Even people get misdiagnosed frequently until doctors find what the root of the problem is. Stay strong and don't give up on your little buddy!
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I agree that skin scrapings should be done a well. But my mind takes a different tract when I see Hairy's photos. Ear Mite could also be an issue.

Is Hairy scratching?

I think more along the lines of autoimmune issues...rodent ulcer/eosinophilic granuloma complex like Snake_Lady said. It could also be a food allergy, did you change foods or add a new one shortly before symptoms started?

The weight loss is what has me the most concerned. That is a lot of weight for a big boy like Hairy to loose in such a short amount of time. There are two things I would have checked immediately, has ALP and AST levels (these are liver function tests) and his Thyroid levels. Those are two serious complications that may or may be connected to the skin issue.

Do you have an internal medicine vet that could see Hairy.
Sending lots of that your big beautiful boy is better soon.
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If you have the ability to get yourself and Hairy to the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph (link), then I'd recommend that you ask your Vet for a referral to their Dermatology Department. My understanding of the ethics of the profession is that you have the right to receive such a referral.

Should your Vet refuse you the referral, or insist that he try further "treatment" first, then you might try contacting the head of the department directly, Dr. Jan Hall (whose email address is at that link), and explain your dilemma. Perhaps she could then either skip the referral requirement or contact your Vet on your behalf.

If travel is out of the question for you, perhaps Dr. Hall could connect you with a local feline dermatologist.

Here's to hoping that Hairy gets some relief soon!
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when i looked at the pictures the first thing i thought was mange. In cats it can be localized (i.e. just around the head/neck area) or generalized meaning all over the body. They say if a cat developes this have them checked for an underlinig condition such as feline leukemia or FIV or any number of autoimmune illnesses.

Another thought is scabies:

Please get a second opinion from another vet. We ca all make guesses here but she/he really needs a second opinion from another vet.
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