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Daily Weekend Thread: Sun. July 19

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Gmorning folks....

Not a whole lot planned, some housework and the like.

Tis Kendra's 13th bday tomorrow, and since Mark will be gone, we're celebrating it tonight with some cake and gifts...... we don't go huge, and I feel bad bout not giving her a party, but due to recent events we really haven't had the oppurtunity to set on up.

I went out on a limb and got her some clothes I am that she likes them. She's soooo picky on what she wears. I think she'll like em.... there was one t-shirt she was eyeing in Walmart, I got one similiar at a different store.

Aside from celebrating that, we're enjoying today cuz it will be the last time we see Kendra for a while except on weekends (that's a different post entirely)

How's your Sunday?

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Mine is going ok - except I'm stuck at work right now! I updated my other posts so I think for now I'm doing better.

I am going to go for a walk with a friend - due to recent events this is good. Will also visit my mom before going home. Then I have to run an errand for my dad and hopefully, the rest of the day I can clean up the house a bit, water the plants and get some sleep.
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Finally a nice sunny day. We are going to take my grand daughter to York Wild Animal Kingdom.Should be a fun day..
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Morning All!!!

Well the weather here is still damp and dreary, imagine that

Not planning on doing much of anything today, had a very restless night for some reason and am just a bit on the tired side.

Am going to make pot roast for dinner so I will be putting that in the oven around 1 A.M. Since I am going to have the oven on anyway may do a little baking.

The kitties are good, not happy about the weather either, they all got up and looked out the window for a few minutes then headed off to their various locations to sleep. Linus is on the back of the armchair, Pixie behind the couch, and Sassy is in his shoebox. Lazy crew that they are.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning all!

Not much planned for today, just laundry and some housework. DH was home alone last weekend while I was at my conference and whil he's not bad, there are certain areas of housework he...umm...overlooks. So, time to get that all cleaned up.

It's threatening a bit of rain here again, so once everything's done, I might go work on binding my goffy cat quilt. I don't usually bind in the summer, but it's been cold enough that I don' think I'll mind. :P

that Kendra likes here present, Chris. If it helps, I was a pretty picky teenager when it came to clothes and my parents managed many clothing gifts that I loved.

Have a good day everyone
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Well, usually we go to lunch after Church, but today we went to Breakfast before Church, but since today the restaurant we go to for Saturday lunch was having fresh White Peach Turnovers this morning and it's a good thing we went then because the turnovers were all gone within the first hour! On the way back from Church we stopped at a coffee shop and picked up a couple of coffees to take home. That's our adventure for today.
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Had my first golf game of the year and I had a great time. Got to hang with my 3 best friends, had a great sit-down dinner and am now home. Didn't win any prizes but it was a charity event to raise money for our Canadian olympians, several of whom were there. One of the swimmers got up to thank us all for coming and being so supportive.

Hubby went to a jazz concert in a park near here and had a great time. I get to enjoy it vicariously since he tapes everything lately with his new camera.
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Oh, well the day is over here and we are heading to bed.

We went for a 6k rollerblade earlier, almost finished our thank you cars. We made a big dinner with homemade burgers and sweet potato fries.

It was a beautiful day!
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