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Kitty Has Unbelievably Smelly Gas

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OMG, my kitty has the worst lil farts ever! They stink up my whole room and if she walks by you and farts, you may have trouble breathing! haha She eats wet food and I'm pretty sure thats what its from. We have to change the cat box at least 5 times a day because we cant stand the smell. Is there anything i can give her to calm her lil bum down?
Thanks for yer help.
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The only thing you can do is change her diet. If you think it's the wet food, you can try a different brand, or go with dry only. If you change brands of food, you want to change slowly.
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Give her some Beano


Yes I also suggest changing her diet. Try a higher quality brand perhaps like Nutro or Innova. Maybe give her just a tad of wet food in the morning or eve and let her eat dry food the rest of the time.
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what are you feeding now? She probably has trouble disgesting one or more of the ingredience of the wet food you are feeding her.
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We were feeding her Whiskas.. i think.. either it was that or Friskies. they sound too much alike :P We've chnaged her to a generic band now, financial problems dont let us buy the expensive stuff. The problem is, if we feed her wet food in the morning she WHINES and CRIES alll day and i mean NON STOP till we give her some more. It seems she'll only go in and feed her kittens until after we give her food too so it's like we have no choice.
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Whiskas and Friskies first ingredients are by-products While I dont feel they are immediately harmful to your cats, there are way better foods out there for them.

If you read the ingrediants of a good brand of cat food, the first few ingredients should be pure .. i.e. "beef, liver, chicken, " etc.. and shouldnt contain any by products.

Here's a helpful chart that you can compare different brands of food to Innova, which is one of the best foods out there.

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