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Do your kits freeze?

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Lol I have noticed that some times when I'm in another room and can hear them running around playing. When I get up and go in to check on them they freeze and stare at me. I wonder what they got up to?

Like this morning I was reading in my room then went over into the living room and Amadeus and Symphony stood rigid on the TV cabinet eyes wide staring at me. So funny!

The other night I was trying to sleep and all three of them were stampeding about after one another so I switched the light on and all three froze and stared at me.

They look as if they are saying "Whatever it was mamma, we didn't do it!" and I find myself looking at them and asking "What have you done?" lol !!
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In my case, mine freeze when they hear any sudden noise or when strays outside get into a fight/mate. It is cute. I end up whispering to them "what's that?", then they look like they tiptoe to the source of the noise for some investigating.
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Oh yeah, mine do this all the time, especially the bobcats. I remember a few years ago when our beautiful crystal lamp was broken. I heard the crash, walked into the room and there were 3 cats looking at me as if to say, don't look at us, we didn't do it
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yep mine do especially if they see the camera.....
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