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Help! I got 2 crazy cats!

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Hello fellow cat lovers , I have a problem: my cats don't get along.
I understand normal playing and harassment but this is all day everyday.

Molly, the older of the two, feels the only safe place for her in the house is the kitchen counter. When she is on the ground she is incredibly paranoid and always looking for Cali, the other cat. When they find each other they growl and hiss and Molly ends up running and jumping back on the counter. She sleeps on the counter, she eats on the counter, she lives on the counter. The litter is in the basement and sometimes we have to take her down there because she wont go! She got a urinary tract infection about 2 years ago and we figured out it was because she was holding it so long. When my son had her at college they had no problems but there were no other pets. We really have no clue what to do. It seems to make the house uneasy, like there is a constant battle going on.
Both cats seem to be scared of each other, but Molly is more scared than Cali. Molly is constantly on the look out and becomes very aggressive when near Cali.

Thank you for your time,
any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
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how long have they been together?

they may never really get along, but may grow to tolerate each other.

is there any way you can have a litterbox somewhere besides the basement? maybe she's being 'cornered' when she goes, & that's why she avoids it.

welcome to TCS, btw!
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Welcome to TCS!

I'm also wondering if you can add in more litterboxes in locations where Molly would perceive them as "safe" from Cali.

You can also try re-introducing the two of them. I have one assertive/aggressive female who likes to run down another kitty I have. After 4 years, they are now getting along. Until now, they lived on separate floors of the house.
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Hi and welcome
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