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Cat adoption application

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thought I would share the application I use for my babies. feel free to use it. I had to tweak it to make it make sense in the post


Thank you for your co-operation in answering the following questions. Please understand that our first obligation is to the welfare of our animals. It is our responsibility to find permanent loving homes for each of them. Therefore, we have adoption guidelines in place and we reserve the right to deny any adoption we feel is unsuitable. If your application is approved, you will be called. You will be expected to bring a kennel to travel in when you come to pick up your adopted pet.

Name: Age:
Home Phone:

Address: Apt. #

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:


Email 1: ________________________________________
Email 2: __________________________________________

Do you Rent or Own?

House Apartment Condo Mobile Home Dorm w/ Parents

If a renter, does your lease allow pets? How many? Name/phone of landlord

Do you attend school? Work full time? Work part time? School or work hours

Employer: Phone:

Are you single? Married? Have roommate? Spouse’s or roommate’s name:

# of adults in household: Relationship of other adults in household

# of children in household: _______ Ages of girls ____________ Ages of boys

Is anyone home during the day?
If not, how many hours will pet be left alone?

Where will your cat be kept during the day? Night? When alone?

What pets do you currently have at home? # of dogs Ages

# of cats Ages


How did you acquire these pets?

Are your current pets indoor or outdoor pets? Are they spayed/neutered?

Will your new cat be an indoor pet? Outdoor pet? Indoor/outdoor pet?

Who is your veterinarian?
phone #

Do you agree to spay or neuter your new cat?

Does everyone in your household wish to adopt a cat?

Why do you want to adopt a cat? Companion For a Child To breed Companion for another pet Gift

Does anyone in your household have an allergy to cats?

If your pet developed a medical condition that cost more than $250 to treat, what would you do?

Have you ever adopted from any rescue organization in the past?
If yes, which one?

It may take a pet a month or longer to adjust to a new home. Are you willing to allow this much time for adjustment?

Are you willing to provide a permanent home to this cat for its lifetime? (15-20 yrs.)?


Adopting a cat or Kitten is a serious responsibility. A cat you adopt today will likely be a part of your family for the next 10 to 20 years. Each cat has its own distinct personality and preferences, some of which you can help shape, others which you cannot change. A pet makes considerable demands on your time and resources. Cat owners need to spend time socializing, grooming, feeding, litter box cleaning and playing with their cat each day. All cats require special food and regular veterinary care; expenses could exceed $500 a year, not including unforeseen veterinary expenses. Start-up costs could be another $50-$100.


Personal references:

Name Phone#

Phone #

I would consider providing a permanent home to:circle

Friendly Cat Shy/Timid Cat High Energy Cat Quiet Cat Senior Cat Kitten

Are you interested in adopting a special needs (handicapped) cat/Kitten?

I strongly prefer: Male Female Long Hair Short Hair Non-shed Age Range

Breed Size

I am particularly interested in (name of cat) _____________________ or ______________________

(first choice) (second choice)


If you adopt a Kitten that is too young to be spayed / neutered before he or she is adopted, do you agree to have the kitten fixed before she/he turns 6 months old? __________

If the Kitten is placed with a new owner, do you agree to send info on their new owner back to the rescue? ______

By signing below, I certify that the information provided on this application is true and I recognize that any misrepresentation of facts may result in losing adoption privileges. I authorize investigation of all statements in this application and understand that; veterinarians, landlords, other rescue agencies, etc. may be contacted. I further understand that the adoption of this pet may be delayed until this information can be verified.

Applicant's signature Date
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Nice. Thanks for posting it.

No question about de-clawing? Even the Humane Society asks about that, even though they have no rules about it. Otherwise it seems to be very comprehensive.
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I dont declaw any of my babies and it only came up once when a family was adopting and they had rescued cats from a recue in a different state that declawed all their rescues.

do you mean ask if they are planning to? It seems like a good thing to add. though I couldnt say no justy b/c they planned on declawing.

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Personally, I WOULD say no if they planned on's horrible. Especially for adult cats. But of course that's up to the rescuer. Yeah, I think asking about it is a good idea no matter what you decide. Like I said, the Humane Society asks on their application, even though they won't say no if a person plans to de-claw.
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At the humane society here where I volunteer - I am in charge of checking the cat applications. Declawing isn't a question that's asked on the application, but we feel the people out to find out if they intend to declaw. It's not a basis for declining them, as our euthanisia rate would spike to over 50% if were did not adopt to those who will declaw (currently is less than 10%).

However - there are certain cats who absolutely positively cannot be declawed. That is why we ask that question - my Squishy had someone who wanted to adopt him - at 13+ years old - they intended to declaw him. Instead he almost ended up euthanized, until I took him home.
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Yeah, that^^, or if they check the "cat will be allowed outside" box AND the "we intend to de-claw" have to be aware of these things.
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sounds like a good Idea I will add it.
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The only additional thing we ask is if all of the existing animals are up to date on vaccinations, we do not ask on our application form about declawing but do feel people out. Most people come in saying they want one that is declawed already anyway
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