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Vibes please

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My brother in law has been evacuated, His neighbourhood is in the path of a wildfire. It doesn't look good
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Oh no I hope they get the fire under control
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Sending lots of vibes that he and everyone else in the area is safe!!!
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That's so frightening. Plenty of that everyone is safe, and that the fire can be contained ASAP.
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Vibes for your BIL! Very scary. I hope they get the fire under control quickly.
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Originally Posted by zorana_dragonky View Post
Vibes for your BIL! Very scary. I hope they get the fire under control quickly.
and more mega

I saw that news earlier, and was hoping none of our members were in danger
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for your BIL.
Any update on the path of the fire?
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Iร‚ยดm so sorry for this hard time..

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Many for his and everyone else's safety! Please keep us posted.
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Lots of vibes coming there way...

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That is scary! for everyone there. I hope they get the fire under control soon. I read that the weather has changed and this will help the firefighters.
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Hope they get the wildfire under control, sending lots of vibes there way
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How scary!
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I wondered if this was near you, Marianne. It's all over our local news, and I had the impression you were in the Interior, but no idea precisely where. I gather slightly "cooler" (HA!) temps and a shift in the wind have provided a small bit of help today, and I'm praying that the fire fighters can capitalize on that, before the window closes and the temps go up again tomorrow. for your BIL and his neighbourhood and everyone else in harm's way.

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I am in the northern interior. My Brother inlaw was able to post on facebook this afternoon. He and his girlfriend are staying with friends. He has no cell service. At least we know he is safe. His neighbour hood was the first to evacuate. He still doesn't know if his house is gone or the business he works at will be there. My friend also has two daughters that live in the subdivision. She knows one is safe, but is unable to get a hold of the other one. I hope they can get this fire under control soon.
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I just heard a new update. The fire is 40% contained.
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More they get it completly under control!
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Adding my vibes to the rest.
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