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Hello Everybody

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My name is Valarie and this is my very pregant cat Patches. I found this site while searching on the internet for info. on pregant cats. I am very happy and pleased this is the sight I found. Besides Patches we also have a kitten named Baby Girl. We have 5 dogs, 2 goats, 11 rabbits, 2 gerbils, a hamster, 2 fish tanks with fish, 3 chickens, a very loving praire dog, 2 frogs, and a bird. As you can tell we love animals.
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Welcome Valerie and Patches and the rest of your zoo! Sounds like a pretty busy household!

So, with this prairie dog....are they good pets? I've only known them in the wild, and to be honest I don't have a great opinion of them in the wild. I'm very curious as to how they act in captivity/domestic situations.
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Prarie Dogs make wonderful pets, if they are properly cared for. Our prarie dog named Chipmunk is very gentle and loving. Chipmunk lives in a 3 story house in our bedroom, when we wake up in the morning and go to bed at night she barks at us, her way of saying goodmorning and goodnight. She loves to be taken out of the cage to be petted. She does not like going outside or our dogs. I got her about 2 and a half years ago as a baby in all this time she has only bitten twice, once when I first got her as a pup, and the other was when she was still a pup and I thought she would like to see the outside world she was on a leash and a dog came up and scared her, when I picked her up she nipped. I have known some people who have had no luck with having one as a pet, however as with all pets I think it is the way you treat them. I beleive if you show Love, Kindness, and Respect... that they learn Love, Kindness, and Respect.
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Hi Valerie and the rest of the gang Welcome to the boards. You are going to it here!
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Welcome to the site Valerie! Glad you and your zoo can join us.
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Hello Valerie! Welcome, glad you made it! Wow, you do have a lot of animals. Lucky you! My name is Tammie and my precious little girl is a 3-4 year old Persian named Peaches that I adopted from the Humane society. She's my baby. We look forward to getting to know you, Patches and the rest of the gang here on the boards!

Tammie & Peaches
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Welcome to the site! I LOVE Prairie Dogs and wish I could get one, but I'm lucky I got my hubby to accept my kitties.
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Welcome! This place is addictive!
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Welcome to the site! Hope it will be useful. YOu can find lots of interesting things here. Even how the kittens are born!
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Thank You Everybody
for the warm Welcome. Yes, I am finding out just how addictive the site can be. I must admit though that I really love it and am learning quite a bit of very useful and helpful information. I never knew there was sites like this till Patches got pregant and I started worring about her. Thanks Everyone, I do look forward to getting to know everyone better.
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Hi JuneBug!!!
Welcome to the boards Gald to see ya here!
You'll have a great time here everyones great!
Greetings Simba Mom!
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Hi and welcome, Valarie!

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