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The kittens from birth - 9 days

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My cat Jinxy had her first litter (unplanned) of kittens 9 Days ago . They are beautiful , she had 3 , im keeping one , my close friend will be having one and the third im not sure about.

This is the one im keeping

Jinxy has been a fantastic mum and done the labour in private , she lets you hold/handle the kitten providing she supervisors , but she will let me (she knows me as mum) take the kitten and put it on my lap , but anyone else she gets funny with , the kittens are very healthy (From what i can see) they are well fed and looked after.. good size and have opened the eyes (2 have)


more pics:

One of the kittens at around 6 hours old (good size)

The kittens 1 day old.

Sorry guys , will add more tomorrow , photo bucket is being a pest..


by the way heres their blog spot

theres more pics are more updates there , ive had that blogspot since jinxy was 6weeks old x
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They're so tiny and adorable! Can't wait to see the rest of the kits
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Aw, so cute! Can't wait to see more pics.
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Around 3 - 4 days old

Around 5-6 days old

8-9 Days with eyes open

There are gorgous i have so many more pictures but its taking ages to resize them lol xx will add more as they grow x
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So cute--never wanna do kittens again hehe. My goodness are they lots of work.

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Im preparing myself for the messy/naughty/funny stuff lol. I have already brought them their first toy . Just want to know the sex of mine , once I do , I shall reveal the names lol.

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Awww gorgeous pics
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