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Vaccination and late reaction

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My son's cat had his shots about 3 weeks ago. This past Sunday he became lethargic and looked as tho he did not feel good. He was not eating. They took him to the vet, he did blood work and a urine test all were OK. The vet gave him antiimflammatory shot and fluid shot. They took him back a couple of days later for the same. His temp the first visit was 104 and it dropped almost a degree the next visit. All he is eating is the juice from the packets of wet food. He may eat some of the food. He does take treats. My son is also giving him pain med's every two days. The cat is walking like he hurts, stiff legged. All he wants to do is lay in the corner in the bedroom. His eyes looked like he did not feel good until today and they have perked up some but his walking seems worse. The vet says it is a delayed reaction to the vaccines. Rascal is 8 years old, inside and neutered. Anyone have any other suggestiong what we can do? They are thinking about seeking a second opinion.

thanks, Rascal's grandmother.
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I would take him to different vet for a second opinion, preferably a feline specialist if you can find one. It's possible that it's a reaction to the shots, but it seems odd that it would start so long afterward. It's also possible that it's something entirely unrelated and your vet doesn't seem to be even looking for anything else.

Has the cat had shots before? Any bad reactions to them?
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I would definitely go for a second opinion to be honest?.

Keep us posted though?

Lots of healthy coming for the poor cat
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Thanks, I have passed your suggestions on to my son and his wife. I think Monday if Rascal is not improved they will take him to another vet. There is a Feline specialisit in Sioux Falls that I have seen.
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I know your son will be keeping a close on on him, but is the vet open 24 hours incase he gets worse over the weekend?, or any vet really.
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