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Who has an under the covers snuggler?

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Last night it got a little chilly here, so I pulled out a blanket for the bed (we just use sheets in the summer). In the middle of the night, I felt a cat repeatedly scratching the top of the blanket. I rarely have a cat wake me up and I never give into them when they do, so I do my best to ignore them.

But it was persistent scratching, and I woke up enough to make sure that there was nothing wrong. It was Scarlett, and I realized that I had the covers bunched up in my hand and she couldn't crawl inside. So I lifted the edge of the covers, she gave me a happy chirp in response and bolted under the covers. She kept me up for the next half hour purring up a storm.

Does anyone have under the covers cats?
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Definetly! In get chirped at to let her in, chirped at to let her out again when she needs her box, etc..
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As soon as I lay down Miss Patchwillow come running and dives under the covers. She lets me know, too, if I'm holding on to the covers and she can't get in. The others prefer to cuddle up on top of the covers. The only thing is, as soon as another kitty sets a paw on the bed, Miss Patchwillow is gone. I guess she doesn't like to share.
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Dushka always sleeps tucked under the covers, in the crook of my arm. If I turn over at night, she goes round the pillow and into the arm on the other side. SHe growls if any other cat walks over the bed near her. Ellie and Persil come under hte duvet sometimes, but usually only if it is cold. The others stay on top, but snuggled in.
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My cats all do that.
The worse one is my sphynx of course.
It can be hot and she goes under the blankets.
She is under a blanket right now and it is 82 in the house.
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Ginger is now back to a bed snuggler after around 2am. She will paw at the covers and meow into my ear till I let her under, where she will stay about 15 minutes before exiting, on her own, usually stepping on me as much as possible. 15 minutes later, cat on bed, wanting to get under the covers, another 15 minutes, back out. Repeat about 5 or so times till the human gets fed up and curls into a whining ball of "Just go to sleep already!!!" when she will then just plop next to me on top of the covers.
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Awwww Betsy that's so sweet!!

None of mine go under the covers, but Jack has to lie pressed against my head, or he does his digging on the duvet before throwing himself down to go to sleep. For ages i wondered why he did it, because he does it on the faux fur throw at the bottom of the bed as well, but now i think it's his way of making his bed if that makes sense?.

I caught him one weekend on film, and that's my legs he's digging at
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5 under cover snugglers here. Soon as I turn out my light they all find their positions
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
That's so cute!
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Hannah loves to snuggle under the covers when it's really cold. Callie likes to have the covers partially cover her when it's cold. They both may not start off in bed with us, but they usually end up spending part of the night in bed with us.
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When I was living with my aunt and uncle for a while, in my parents' RV, we didn't have a ton of money to run the heater in winter, so my sister and I used the furry heatsources known as cats.

Once, last time I moved far enough for an overnight stay in a motel to be in there, I found Squirrel (the skitty one) under the covers with me in the morning. I knew it wasn't Chilsa from the size, so I thought at first it was Panther.
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Abby does occasionally. But she doesn't like to lay under all of the covers: She prefers to sleep pasted up against me, between the sheet and the comforter. In the summer I only cover with a sheet, so when she wants under the covers I have to fold down the sheet a bit so she can lay on the sheet and be covered up
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Tabitha, the 9 yo semi-feral living in my bedroom, is an under the covers snuggler!
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Jack comes in almost every morning and paws at the covers for you to lift them up and he goes under them--sometimes he stays for 15 minutes, sometimes he stays for 3 hours. We hope the kitten learns this behavior too.

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All 4 of mine will snuggle under the covers when they feel like it. Pepper does it the most. I must "assume the position" on my side so she can lay her head on my bicep and get her ears rubbed until she goes to sleep or gets up. The others just come up and snuggle whatever body part is closest.
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All fall and winter Moose sleeps next to me under the covers all night. I love it!
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Maia is also an under the covers snugger if it's chilly! Her thing is, depending on how chilly it is, she always curls up in between my legs! Winter, under the covers, spring/fall on top but always between my legs! Perfect place to put a complete guilt trip on if I move at any point!
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Lexi always sleeps under the cover with me!! She sleeps with me like a person! What a cutie!
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Pooch only goes under the covers when he's scared. IE, when we move into a new place and for the first few days only... when he's not used to the environment.

The other kitties just sleep on top of the blankets.
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Storm is my under the blankie snuggler. Miss Kitty likes to lay as close to may face as she!

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Yup, the two grays will sometimes sneak under the covers with me.
Though they always snuggle near the top and usually leave their head out.
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Swanie, but not all the time. He doesn't usually burrow in the middle of the night, but if one of both of us sleeps in a bit, he'll sometimes burrow. And he does burrow in anything that he can get under. It's hard to help him too, you lift the blanket or whatever up and he ignores it. You put it back down and he starts scratching at it. Like, no, mom, I want to do it myself!
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