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Daily Thread Sat July 18th!!

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Morning All!!!!

Looks like I get to start the thread this morning

Cloudy and cool here this morning once again, I do think I see a little blue sky off in the distance so lets hope

Not up to much today, it's Art in the Park here this weekend so I may take a walk over this afternoon to take a look. They have some really beautiful stuff but most is really expensive. I did however get some cute stocking stuffers last year for my sisters.

Other then that just going to putter around the house and finish up some laundry.

The kitties are good this morning, all gone back to bed because I wouldn't open the window for them because it's to chilly......guess they are sulking.

Everyone have a great day.
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Perfect weather (for me) today: cloudy, upper 60's. Got up early to do laundry. Working 1/2 day this morning, then going to see Gary Sinese and the Lt. Dan Band tonight.
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Cool here as well. Have 2 loads of laundry done, gone to the library to return a book with the first 8 pages missing. Bijou is happy he has his cone and sleepers off and is sitting in the open kitchen window watching the world go by.

Hubby and I are just talking about going to the Farmers' Market in Guelph so should be off soon to do that.

I'm getting my chores done today as I'll be golfing all day tomorrow.
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It is pouring rain 13C. I think I will do some baking. If nothing else it warms the house.
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Cool and rainy here today. I was up early and a friend emailed me to ask if she could come over so I cleaned the house and spritzed everything with febreze because it still smells like skunk
Now I'm starting to get really tired and just want to go to sleep instead of spending a few hours visiting
And my phone isn't working for some reason so I'll be heading over to the neighbors in a while if I don't get a dial tone soon.
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Did go to the Farmers' market and spent lots of money:

Non-food items:
New hand made ceramic milk pitcher for hubby,
Contact for him to get his Keemun Panda tea (his other supplier is moving to Nova Scotia.

Food items:
Pecan Pie
Dutch Apple Pie
Bing Cherries
Green Beans
Baby Potatoes
Lettuce mix with edible flowers from a Mennonite booth

The stuff that didn't make it home:

A Greek phillo pastry filled with a spinach mixture and another filled with a leek mixture. Mmmmmm

I'm cooking the baby beets and the beet greens (tops) right now and can hardly wait for the greens.
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Afternoon all!

Just got home from work. The BF's family is in town so I'll be spending most of the weekend with them.

BUT, I have to go back up to the clinic later today because I believe our pregnant foster is going to finally have her babies today! I let her out of her cage this morning to roam and stretch her legs. Couldn't find her for hours! Finally we found her in the bottom of one of our boarding townhouse. There is a little hole in one of them where she crawled inside of. Couldn't entice her to come out for the life of me. Hopefully she can squeeze back out.... I really really hope she comes out to have the kittens. If she's still in there this evening (without babies) I'm going to have to get the BF to come up there to take the whole thing apart and get her out. Jeesh....

Anyway, should prove an eventful day. Hope everybody has a good one!
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Hello All!!

I want to thank Bender for waking me up at 4:34 am. Couldn't fall back asleep so I got up at 5 am. Did some dishes then froze about 2 quarts of raspberries and about 3 quarts of cherries. Let the sprinkler run for a while on two of the cherry trees tryig to plump them up!

Then we went to farmers market. Lots of good looking stuff but only bought some tomatoes, a bag of mixed lettuces and a couple of crocheted kitchen scrubbies.
Oh and some snickerdoodle cookies.

Then went to grocery store but on our way there we saw a hosta sale sign so had to follow it and it was one of the hosta society members. Looked but didn't buy any hostas but toured his yard.

Then stopped at grocery store to pick up some stuff. Came home read the newspapers and took a nap! Just being unmotivated so far.

We are going to local drive in movie theatre tonite. Ice age 3 and Start Trek are showing. We aren't supposed to carry in but I will manage a few items! Wine in a water bottle for instance. But will have to ingest some caffeine so I can stay awake.

Cloudy and cool once again-high in mid 60's. Might get a teeny bit of rain too.

Good news though my desktop should be ready to get picked up this week. Its only been 5 weeks. He had to wipe the hard drive and do a re-install. Hopefully not much data got lost. Taking my new portable hard drive with me as well as my office 2007 disk.

Thats about all......
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We did the laundry, and later we are going to look at an apartment. I'm about to clean the place too!
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I knew there was something I forgot this morning

Same weather here as what Susan has....

One DD is off to a bday party, my DH and other DD are off to a pig roast.

Unfortunately the weather is too cool and damp for my body to like it, so I'm stuck here

Hopefully its a better day tomorrow....
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Good Evening!
DH & I had a lazy morning. We shopped for eye glasses and went to Yankee candle. I just finished organizing my candles in a HUGE plastic container (same size as our large litter pans). In 10 days I will have new sunglasses I sure hope they come out ok. We went to a different store cause the manager at the other place....well I don't have anything nice to say.

I managed to forget two scents I wanted at yankee. lol
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