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Peedoodle still loves Stella!

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I caught them snuggling up to each other - I am SO surprised as Peedoodle has never been a snuggler!

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I Peedoodle

and little Stella & Kahu of course
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Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
That's love!
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I think Peedoodle is doing the cuddling and likes Stella as a pillow.
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Oh my goodness! That is so sweet. I love the first two pics where Peedoodle has his arm draped over Stella's back! They remind me of jennyranson's Wellington and Biscotte. So, so, so cute.
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That is just tooooo cute
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That is so sweet!!! Peedoodle is a softie
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Awwww.... That's so cute!
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Another match made in heaven! We sure have some amorous boy kitties around here
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They're spooning! Love how he has his arm around her. So protective. She doesn't seem to mind

However, that last pic with her big eyes seems to be thinking "Hey! Watch where you put that paw!"
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Definitely spooning!!!!!
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That's so sweet!
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Oh Kellye - They are sooooooo adorable together!

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