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It's 10:30 p.m. and still 105 degrees

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I'm caring for 4 outside cats - 1 was a stray about 1 year ago, and 3 are feral.
The ferals are the mommy and her two 9 month olds (about). I've had them all altered.

We have 3 inside cats.

The one stray - Gray - seems to be suffering from the heat more than the others.

We've put up an insulated structure, and put in an evaporative cooler, but the cats are still preferring their old place under a picnic table that has a bunch of stuff on top of it. I've covered the table with an old car cover that is providing some shade. They are on our covered patio, which is floored with Kool Deck - this cooler floor seems to be a draw. We left the insulated structure with no floor so that the cats can lay on the Kool Deck material in there, too.
There's more to explain - but, I'll get to my question.

I have a small laundry room inside our air conditioned home. I could bring Gray in for the hotter part of the day which is from about 1-5 when the temps have been near 115 degrees.

The thing is, if I bring him in for those few hours, I think it will be harder on him to release him back into the heat.

I've been scrubbing him down with a cool wet cloth and he's enjoying that, but during the heat of the day, he won't come out from underneath the table so I can't cool him off.

I've been putting ice containers under the table so they all can lay close or on the cool containers which only stay cool for about 2 hours at the most. My freezer can't re-freeze the containers fast enough. I'm also making ice for the evaporative cooler.

The ferals seem to be coping with the heat better, it's Gray I'm concerned about.

The question: should I bring in Gray even tho' I'll have to let him out later into the 90 + degree weather or just continue to try and help him stay cooler out in the heat?
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I haven't ever had to deal with such extreme heat, but my guess is you should trust your instincts on this one. It seems to me that trying to help keep Gray cool the way you are is probably the best choice. I agree - the temperature change from indoor to the heat may put even more stress on his system. I know you're having trouble keeping up with the ice - but can you slide a bowl of ice water for him/them to drink under the table a couple of times a day?

for being so wonderful!

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What I did last summer when Baby was still just a stray that lived in the cabana with her kittens was to soak the area several times a day, just not where the cats prefer to be.

I kept a fan running on them (also an evap cooler/fan with ice water in the resevoir) and I would soak a few old blanket/towels and spread them in prefered hiding spots for them to lie on.

A large water dish, and change the water two-three times a day to keep it as cool as possible, you can add ice to it if you like.
Freeze a few two liter bottles of water and lay them about as well.

We get the extremes here, so I can fully understand your dilema.

Honestly, they will look miserable and you will feel miserable for them, but if they've been outside any length of time, they are acclimated.
The only big concern is age and health, if they are sick or older cats, or very young cats they need to be watched carefully. for signs of heat exaustion.

Keep rubbing alcohol on hand and if you can touch them, rub paw pads and the insides of ears with it, it evaporates quickly and helps cool them.
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OMG - you must be near the beach, because only in San Clemente have I experienced the heat that lasts into the night. We were 104 the other day, but finished the night up with a low of 57. but in the year 2000, I was 9 mos. in San Clemente and there were a few miserable days where I felt like I was back East. I can handle the heat as long as the evenings cool off. Sending cooling vibes
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Never gets below 100 at night here in the Summer
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I've never really had to deal with that sort of heat and strays outside. Just heat inside with my cats. And even that doesn't get bad, because if it gets WAY too hot I have to turn on the central a/c. Right now at night it's in the mid-low 60's I'd say.

Sorry I can't help you, but bless your heart for caring so much for the little guy! If it were me, and he was by me, I would just leave him outside as it will be more of a stress on his body to go from cold to extreme heat like that. Keeping him in the heat may be best for him- cats are resilient (I don't know how they will hold up in that heat tho... never had to deal with it). But I do know that they originate from hotter climates, and strays/ferals possess more of the original traits of wild cats, or so I've heard. If ya ask me, unless you plan on keeping him as a pet inside for permanent, leave him out. There were some really good suggestions on here, I'd go with those.

Best of luck! And once again, bless you for caring so deeply about them! Most people would pass off strays and ferals as just a nuisance and not care, but not you. You have a heart!
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105 degrees? That's pretty hot... I bet my nose will start to bleed once the temp reached that high... not used to too much heat.
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