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JoJo and her tummy problems

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So for the at least 5th time now, JoJo (JJ) has unleashed a mystery on me.

For the most part I quasi-dismissed it all as either food not agreeing with her or hairballs blocking other things... here's what I get in the mornings. Clear spit-up, occasional hairball, and streaks/small piles of poo. All over. This isn't a constant thing. It hits this household about every 1-3 months. There aren't too many hairballs. And when I do get them, they're orange, like JoJo, so I know it's her.

I thought we were doing REALLY well when I've seen no sign of issues for the last several weeks. The change? Predominately wet food. Full cans in the morning and at night, and a little dry in the evening after I get home. This is a complete switch (used to be 1/4 cup dry morning and night and then a little wet for supper) from the last few years.

So, I called the vet this morning. After explaining what I could to the tech, she had my leave a message for the vet who saw JJ for this in March. Back then we dismissed it as a recent change in food didn't agree with her. She called me back before i left for work. we talked about exactly what I've seen, as well as her change in behavior. More on that in a bit. She didn't think I needed to rush her in today. Monday would be fine, but to watch her. She seems to be better this evening... but she's still going in.

The vet suggested hyperthyroidism, as JJ is 7 years old and that sort of thing can develop as kitties get older. I started laughing when she mentioned weight loss. JJ is 16+ pounds. She is NOT skinny by any stretch of the imagination. We're going in Monday morning to run some tests to see what the underlying issue is. Oh yes, the behavior issues.

JJ has never been a social cat. But she has been tolerant of my petting her nearly all over (only recently gaining access to her tummy sometimes), and she has also been tolerant of Jack and his kittenish ways (even though he's nearing 7 years as well... go figure... he's insane). Recently, though, she has taken to swatting aggressively at him when he's just bounding past her. Kind of like 'MOM! he's in my personal space again!' She instigates play, but when he gets into it, she starts 'crying uncle' and I have to break it up, if I'm home. I believe, as the vet does, that the behavior is linked to whatever is causing her other health issues.

She's still fairly young, even though she's considered a senior now. She is also, as others call some of their cats, my Heart Kitty. My Soul Kitty. She is my Furry Shadow, my healer, my bedmate. I just want my old Baby JoJo* back. She doesn't have to like strangers... I don't think the weight has helped at all... but no matter what I do, she doesn't lose weight, if anything she gains.

Vibes, ideas, etc would be helpful.

* - I call her Baby JoJo a lot, even now. Mostly because she is simply my baby... I love this cat. And i know she loves me unconditionally.
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Prayers for you - I hope the vet can get a definitive diagnosis from the tests she'll run. These are the times I really wish we could understand our cats' communications better to know what's bothering them.
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Thank you. I know it may sound funny, but JoJo has never fully acted like a cat. She does all the usual cat things, but she's extremely freaked out by a lot of things, including strangers. I hear on here about folks whose cats don't leaves strangers alone and are very social... I dream of having a cat like that... my friends joke that with my photos there's finally proof i have cats... they never see them when they visit.

She seems to be doing better this morning. I cornered her in the bathroom last night and towel-bathed her bum. warm water and paper towels. With my big bath towel over the rest of it... with good reason... she nipped at my arm becasue of what I was doing. Once i had her better held down, she mostly yowled in protest. I got most of it cleaned up. I have a feeling she's going to start getting lion cuts for the summers from here on out.
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I don't have any ideas, but am sending lots of for JoJo. that it's nothing serious, and that her condition improves completely.
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The vet we saw this morning said it's primarily due to her gums being inflamed. Now, I can see this. It hurts to chew dry food, therefore she swallows it without crunching it up much. But Jack had this same gum issue a few years back and he wasn't throwing up mounds of food all over...

She's also gained antoehr 1/2 pound, so it's going ot be all about restricting her intake. I don't fully agree with the vet. I like the main Vet at this place better. He doesn't just sit there and lecture me on how bad a Meowmy I am... I'm not feeding them trash. She also said that a predominately wet diet makes them gain weight... while I've heard otherwise... me thinks I'll be specifically asking for Dr. C from here on out. He's cool. I'm not impressed with this other lady. I am not putting them on Science Diet prescription food... they know I'm on a payment plan, hence why they didn't do the blood tests today... so what the heck is she thinking telling me I should put them on a more costly prescription food? Yeesh.

I'm doing the right amount of food... but i just need to be more protective of Jack's meals... this will change in the new place... I'll close the door to the bedroom and feed him in there. Once he finishes, pick up the food. She bullies him out of the rest of his food... always has.

So, some changes I agree with... others not so much. She said JoJo *could* be diabetic, hence her eating so much more... but I need the blood tests to show it. I think I'll work on getting her weight down by monitoring intake... then we'll worry about other things...

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