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Brillo (scared to death stepping out of her carrier for the first time):

We had been considering her for a while, as she has been looking for her forever home for a year since retiring from the show ring (she's a grand champion American Wirehair.) She is actually the twin sister of Sheba, my cat who is at the bridge. Sheba was the smooth sister, Brillo is wired.

Wish us luck!!!! She's hiding under my daughter's bed right now. I'm so in love!
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oh she is just so precious..... I hope we get more pics once she settles in...

Calming for her.
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i'm glad you have a new furbaby to help heal the hole in your that Sheba left. Brillo is lovely! will you be keeping her name?
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How precious. We definitely need more pictures.
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Cute girl!!!!
Congrats on your new fur baby! Sheba probably had a little finger in sending her to you... I am sure she is happy her mommy has a new baby to love again!
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Oh, Brillo is beautiful. I hope she settles in soon so we can get more pics!
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She is so cute! Love the eyeliner and curled whiskers!
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Sending lots of vibes that she settles in quickly!!
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Thanks everyone! It was a tough night. Brillo alternated between crying, playing and then sleeping a few minutes at a time. This morning around 5:30 I let Ziggy, her full brother (10 months younger) come in and he was so excited. He has been missing Sheba terribly and he can't wait to play with Brillo. Brillo, however, is a bit more tentative.

After an hour they are taking turns stalking one another. No raised hair or squeals so far. I think they are going to be just fine. Unfortunately, I have 2 30 pound dogs and the alpha male, Felix (former feral) to introduce as well. The dogs will be the worst because although they are not aggressive, they are loud--and BIG.

I will keep her name, although it's not my favorite. I've known her since she was 4 hours old and have called her Brillo for 3 years now. The full name is "Brillo On My Pillow." My dh has been using a Spanish pronunciation for it: "Bri-yo." LOL

Here are a couple of photos:

Playing with catnip cuddler:

Side view:

On the bed:

Playing with her brother watching:

Thanks for the kind words!

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what a cutie! she looks so fuzzy and sweet!!
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Awwww isn't she gorgeous! She has a little up turned nose like my Rosie
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Aw, she looks so petite and cute. It looks like she's settling in pretty quickly. Good luck introducing her to the dogs.
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Originally Posted by cheylink View Post
She is so cute! Love the eyeliner and curled whiskers!
I love the whiskers too.
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