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Oh No! his ear is .....

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oozing some pus. Oscar is shaking his head and kicking at this other ear now. He got in a fight with Sammycat and got the back of his right ear tore up with claws. Now his left ear is running some really icky stuff. I have called and left a message for the vet to call me back. Is there something I can do to make him feel a little better until I can get him back to the vet?
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One of my cats got into a fight last year and he got clawed on the nose and it got all swollen and oozing, and I took him to the vet and she drained it and they gave me antibiotics for him to take and I had to put a warm compress on it every so often to help it drain. Its amazing how fast a cats wounds become infected, it happens really fast!
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Blondie I would say your vet is your obvious choice. Let me move this to Health for you, perhaps Sandie will have some idea about what to do.
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Blondie, yes you need to get him to the vet as soon as you can. If it's the outside of the ear, you can dilute some hydrogen peroxide with some water and clean it really good. If it's coming from the inside of the ear, you don't want to use any "home remedies" on it.
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The stuff is coming from the inside of his ear. I talked with the vet a little while ago and he told me to bring him in first thing in the morning. My poor baby is miserable he is shaking his head and scratching at his ear. I wish I could make it all better for him right now.
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Warm thoughts and Prayers going to your baby.. thats all I can give.. Im sorry..
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How is he doing after the vet visit?
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Hi Sandie, I am going to pick him up in about 30 minutes. The vet said both of his ears are infected. He is giving me some antibotics to give him and also some ointment to put down in his ears and on the place that is torn open at the back of his right ear.

Now I feel like a bad Mommy for letting his ears get infected.
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I am just really glad you got him as soon as you did He's going to be just fine now.
Honestly, don't beat yourself up too much. It happens to the best of us. Ear infections in cats are much less common than in dogs. You probably couldn't tell until it was visible.
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Does anyone know of an easier way to give Oscar his antibotics???? I tried doing like the vet said but that just got every where I am not even sure any got into him. Also putting the medication inside his ears was a job.

My hubby could hardly hold him while I put the ointment in. Would it be better to just wrap a towel around him to do this. He has been through enough today but I have to administer his meds to him.

Any suggestions
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Wrapping him in a towel will probably be best and easiest for you
You can try putting the medicine in a small amount of baby food or wet food and see if he will eat it all. OR you can try doing the oral meds when you do the ear meds.
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