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Nausea for a week??

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I've been nauseous for over a week now and wondering if anybody has any ideas.

So, I get migraines pretty frequently. I had a pretty bad one last Thursday. I got sick a couple of times, but that's pretty much a given when I get a migraine. But ever since then I've been nauseous every day! Never thrown up, but it's pretty much a constant feeling. I'll eat something light like toast or something, drink some sprite, and take some pepto bismol. It helps for a couple of hours, but it always comes back.

And before anybody asks, no I'm not pregnant, . I knew it was pretty much impossible, but I got paranoid and took a test last night which came up negative as expected.

I'm afraid if I go to the doctor they'll just give me something for the nausea like phengran which knocks me out. I'm very sensitive to medicine and can't afford to be groggy at work. I've got no other symptoms. Just this constant nausea. I'm getting sick of it. Any ideas what could cause it? This is going on nine straight days and two and a half bottles of pepto bismol. Blah....
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Well, if you find out why, let me know. I've been nauseated lately, too (pregnancy not a possibility). I thought maybe it was hormones, but it's been over a month so I've run through my whole cycle without a change.......weird.
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No ideas but I hope you both feel better soon!
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Gall bladder issues?
I hope you two feel better. I would definitely call the doctor.
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You could be dehydrated. It's the summer least it's supposed to be Anyway, when it's hot you sweat more and you lose electrolytes such as sodium and low sodium often results in nausea. I know unless I have a stomach bug, the usual culprit of my nausea is not enough salt in my blood. So I eat a bag of potato chips and drink a few glasses of water and my nausea usually goes away within the hour.
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I know how this feels! I have suffered from migraines for most of my life, and the worst of both stomach and head violent reactions. Over the years they became more constant and violent. A couple times I was taken to the emergency room violently ill and dehydrated while experiencing every symptom times 100! I had to be sedated and given IV liquids. Over the years the best medication I found was sleep, but sometimes the pain, extreme sense of smell, light and noise sensitivity, nausea, as well as the axe that was being smashed into my head and stomach, made it impossible to do so. Stomach migraines are a recognized ailment and often are triggered by diet...yes diet!
3 years ago I stopped drinking and smoking, my migraines have gone from atleast once a month to 2-4 times a year, for real! Once last year I had to call a friend to pick me up from work because I tried fighting a migraine throughout the day and it hit full blast. I ended up passing out and I know the trigger was sun exposure and heat exhaustion ( I was a garden center supervisor, out in the sun 10 hours a day). I know that sugar is a major migraine trigger. Things like alcohol, soda, even breads contain a lot of sugar! While you may think you are soothing your stomach, you may be feeding the migraine. Also you may have ingested the trigger 10-48 hours prior to symptoms. I to have never found anti acid or "Pepto" to help, if anything they sometimes irritate more.......
There are many new medications and medical reports available these days, but my belief is it's all about the diet and recognizing the symptoms before it develops. Unfortunately those of us that suffer from migraines learn the hard way that to "be kind to your body, and your body will be kind to you" is all to true!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the ideas guys. It seems worse if I'm outside, even for a second.... I drink a pretty good amount of fluids. At least 2 16oz bottles of water a day plus lots of tea, juice, etc. I'll try cutting back on the juice and soda and drinking mostly water throughout the day and see if that improves it.
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Have you ever tried ginger tea? Ginger is a nature anti-nausea herb but it doesn't always work for some people. It works for me though. I used to drink it when it went out on the boat in really rough water and it worked like a charm.

My first thought was gall bladder problems too. Or even acid reflux can cause nausea instead of the burning sensation. I can understand feeling that way during a migrane, but not this long afterwards. If it persists I would still go to the doctor and tell them you don't want the want to know what is wrong.

Hope you feel better soon!
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If this has gone on for this long without signs of letting up, I would definatly see a doctor. You don't have to take any meds, and best to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. Better to catch potential problems sooner rather than later.
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