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Awwww Jack

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I don't know if it's because Jack was a semi feral kitten when he was found, but although he's so loving he doesn't like being picked up much, or kissed, and is still a bit jumpy if i go to walk past him on the stairs especially if i look at him as i go up, but he's getting much better on that i have to say, i just don't look at him and he stays lying down

But tonight, he jumped on my lap and let out a cry like he usually does for attention, and as i scritched behind his ear he let me kiss his head several times and didn't flinch!! :

2 years later and patience has paid off yet again
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Awwww Susan...
that is wonderful.
You just melted your Mum's heart Jack.
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Awwww sweet Jack now if we all could have some Jack kisses too, since there are about, what 20 people coming over to see your gang We can all pass out kisses
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I know that feeling, isn't it WONDERFUL?!?
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post

I know that feeling, isn't it WONDERFUL?!?
It really is Betsy The last time i felt like that was when i lost Rosie's affection for a year when Sophie came, but that sunday when she came walking into the livingroom, jumped on my lap and curled down as if nothing had happend brought tears to my eyes
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That is so wonderful that he grew out of that "girls have cooties" stage.

Lucy really didn't become affectionate until she was older. Who is now nuzzling me so I can't really see the screen.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
That is so wonderful that he grew out of that "girls have cooties" stage.
It's Sophie who has that attitude with boys now
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Patience pays off once again. So often it's only a matter of letting them take the initiative on their own time, but it's sooooooooooooooo hard to resist the temptation to nudge it along. Congratulations to both of you. to Mr Jack.
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It's one of the most rewarding feelings in the world, patience truly is the best medicine for a "scaredy-cat"
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One of those things "normal" non-cat people wouldn't get. I remember when Ophelia first did that, too. You almost want to squeeze the heck outta them in happiness!
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Awwwww! Bless Jack's heart...such a sweet boy!
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That's definitely a milestone, Susan. Watch, now he'll get cuddlier and cuddlier as time goes by.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Watch, now he'll get cuddlier and cuddlier as time goes by.
The thing is he's a little cuddler now, and sleeps on my pillow with me with his face or body pressed close to mine

I can scritch him no problem because he'll stretch his head up for it, but if i go to kiss his head he would cower down and move away
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Maybe we should cancel that 'lack of affection' intervention we all had planned?

Serious, That did warm my heart.
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Aww I think I may try and kiss him next time im around
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For some reason those feral or semi-feral kitties just take longer to trust us completely, but it is so worth it when it happens. We have a cat at the shelter named Baron who was a 2 year old feral cat. We have had him for 4 years now & he will now let people he knows pick him up. He lets everyone pet him, but unless he trusts you, there is no picking him up.

good for Jack. Sounds like he's finally decided that your kisses aren't undignified.
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That's another thing he's getting good at, strangers. Fiona, the poster above you, Jack's coming round to her as well as a couple of other friends
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How sweet!
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aww thats sweet.
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That's so lovely to hear! It took me 2 1/2 years to let my Rascal hold him, and no he's not a feral. He just doesn't like to be picked up or kissed on the head, but now he lets me! It just took a lot of patience to build up the trust factor to the point that he would finally let me pick him up and hold him. He doesn't let anyone else hold him, just me.
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