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Do your kitties do this?

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starring Kitchi

The second one has better sound, the first one is cuter tho
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yep they do.very cute
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Oh my gosh, Kitchi has gotten so big! Those videos are so precious. I love that little guy.

Oh, and yes, my cats do that, but more so when "attacking" each other, rather than a toy.
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omg Jake does the exact same thing!! He does it at the laser pointer toy mostly.. I thought he was weird and I even thought he was out of breath and worried he may be sick but apparently they all do this Kitchi is adorable Black kitties are so awesome
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Mine do the chatter when bird watching.
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We woke up this morning to Freya chattering at the birds, so yup ours do it.
Kitchi is such a cutie, and wow is he ever getting big!
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Connor and Princess will with their toys but the others only do it when watching the birds outside.
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Mine also only chirp at birds. And yes I'm mean - I have bird feeders right outside the windows so they get a constant show.

OMG Kitchi is getting HUGE (for such a little guy)!
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OMG! So funny, Bear is a big time chirper, she's black, loves to stalk and pounce on things! Two major differences, she is short haired and has a nub for a tail, but it goes back and forth like she doesn't know it's gone!
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Mitzi often chatters when watching birds

Very cute vids!
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