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Bugsy got a boo-boo

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I was in the bathroom when I heard a thud - then I saw Bugsy looking rather confused... He had a cut on his face, going from the top of his nose, all the way to his lip... It is not a deep cut, but there was a little bit of blood - like a deep scratch.
My poor baby....
I have no idea how he hurt himself... I looked around, and there was nothing really that could have done it, unless he missed his step and hit his face on the edge of the bed.
I cleaned it with Bactine - I don't want to put anything on it because he can lick it of...
Can you spare some vibes for this not to get it infected?
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Awwww poor baby quick healing Bugsy
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For no infection!
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Oh the poor baby

Lots of healthy healing coming for Bugsy
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It's good that it's in a place he can lick, because cat saliva has enzymes that either kill germs or help the wound heal, I forget which exactly, but, something that'll do him some good. Tell him to really stick his tongue out to make sure he gets that healing cat spit all over the whole thing
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I think... not sure .. that you can put neosporin ointment on it and that is ok... do a search here ... I think others have commented on it here on TCS.
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Aww poor Bugsy, here come some healing vibes for you
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Hopefully, that's his only injury. Poor baby.
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ouch! poor baby yes, you can use neosporin as long as it's not the kind that has the pain reliever in it
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Originally Posted by Going Nova View Post
Hopefully, that's his only injury. Poor baby.
You scare me!! I am pretty sure it is... I inspected his body, and he is also completely well - eating, drinking, using the box, playing... So far his cut looks good too
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If you heard a thump, I'll bet he was running and ran into something.
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You are so right! I remember Lucky running away then stopping, so probably they were playing chase and he bumped into the dresser...
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oh poor Bugsy!

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Oh poor Bugsey!! Sounds like hes just knocked himself but still poor darling. Hoping his nasty cut heals soon! ! !
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How's the little guy doing? *sends and cuddles*
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He is doing good! His cut is healing well, and for what I can see it is not infected!
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Poor Bugsy! He was playing hard! I'm happy to hear that his boo-boo doesn't look infected. Praying that he will heal up quickly. Btw, he's such a handsome kitty. All of your babies are beautiful!
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Thank you all for the warm wishes...
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