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cat fighting and Feliway

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Hi all. I am new to the Forum and have two female cats that are fighting. I have read almost all of your inquiries and answers in the forum pages about aggression etc. and will be segregating the two of them and trying the vanilla/perfume methods after I put them back together in a couple of weeks. My question though: I have a Comfort Zone plug in - mixed results - but does anyone know if it is safe to put the Feliway spray directly on the animal?

p.s. Both cats are spayed - got along until the youngest one (now about 9 months old) came into heat and she started getting aggressive with the older one. The youngster - Riviera - now stalks the 2 year old one - Cassie - every time she sees her and it is escalating. Have two other older cats in the household and both Riviera and Cassie get along fine with them. All cats are strictly indoor.

Thanks for any responses and help. Carol
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I would call the 800 number and ask or go to their website and check the FAQ
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. . . but does anyone know if it is safe to put the Feliway spray directly on the animal?

I'm pretty sure I read on the packaging not to put it directly on animal.
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It can irritate and burn the cat and it is not advised to spray it directly on the cat for that reason.

You say these females are spayed? Because you mention the aggression started after one female went into heat? Did the aggression escalate after that, even after the spay?

I would use the vanilla extract trick, it does work. So does playing classical music (softly) in the background, providing the cats with a large cat condo they can climb up and down on. You can also use a natural flower remedy to dab under their chins, on the base of their tails and on their shoulderblades. I would recommend Aspen.

Good luck!
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Definitely DO NOT spray directly on your cat!!!

Yes, the spray contains cat pheromones that promote well being and can calm stressed kitties. But these pheromones are in an alcoholic base, (ethanol). In fact 90% of the spray is composed of ethanol with the remaining 10% containing an "analogue of feline facial pheromones". This does not render your spray inferior. Ethanol is used to ensure quick evaporation easy transportation so that your cat(s) can pick up the pheromones easily.

Your cat's skin is sensitive to ethanol. Ethanol can irritate and burn sensitive skin.

Please DO NOT spray Feliway directly onto your cat. It is NOT made for that purpose.

I would also like to say that I do not work for virbac nor receive any financial benefits from the comapny. I just don't want to see a good product misused. If you want to have your cats smell familiar to each other, try the VERY good hints posted by hissy.
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