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Bulk purchases?

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Just out of curiosity - how many of you buy cat food in bulk, as opposed to picking it up every week or so? I live in a small town, and usually place big orders with Internet shops every couple of months. Today I ordered about $120 worth of canned cat food, and my husband was like, "144 cans for one cat?". Is that really so much? JC isn't crazy about canned food, but he loves this stuff, a holistic brand from Italy. The shop had it on sale - 19 (euro)cents off a can if ordered by the case (48 2.5 oz. cans of a single flavor per case), and no charge for shipping and handling. I say I'm economizing, and my husband says I'm stockpiling/hoarding, and that nobody else buys that way. What do you say? I'm actually wondering if I shouldn't have ordered 4 or 5 cases instead of 3.
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I buy as needed mostly for money reasons. It is more economical for me to do so because they really only go through a bag a month so with my limited money that's what I do.
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Same here Xas!
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I buy bulk- it really is cheaper and if I buy quantity the feedstore gives me a reduction. Not a lot, but it helps.
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I also buy bulk as it is cheaper and less time consuming.
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Diddo - you should have seen me when Petco at the 3.5 oz cans from Science Diet on sale for 35 cents per can. I emptied out the 3 stores in the area. Why not it was 1/2 price !! Saves time and money!!!
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I'm relieved that other people "stockpile", too. I got the shipment today, and you should have seen how excited JC was. Usually he's just interested in getting the empty box ASAP, but today he "helped" me stack the cans in his cabinet, purring the whole time. He really loves this brand of food.
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