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Red Tabby.

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I'm starting this thread for everyone to show off their red/ginger pussy cats, I have two Elmo & Yogi ! First attached is Yogi.
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Here is Jake!
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Tatum Super Stud!
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You can see Opie, in my sig.
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Hi there Sam, this is weird, I'm a Sam too living in Auckland!!!!
I haven't had my ginger menace 'Biscuit' very long, a couple of weeks but I have had to ask the site for help twice already! She's so naughty! Am getting pics this week of her and Moomin the space cadet, so will post them asap!!!

Just thought I'd say 'Hi' to a fellow New Zealander! (er...well am actually a pom but been here 5 years!)
Lovely kitties!!!!

Bye for now!

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My attachments don't always work

This should be Wampie, she's two years old
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This is Wampies son, Buddy.
He's one.
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This is my Orange / Red Tabby Gus !
The Black & White is Nall.
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Awwww Thanks everyone for sharing these pictures, Red Tabby is my fave color and cute pictures like these always send shivers down my spine

{{{Mega Hugs}}} To Sam , a person w/ a cool name and Auckland YAAAAAY a NZ'er , Didn't it suck that NZ lost the rugby to the UK Do you go for the Blues? ( 7's)

Talk Soon

And come on everyone more ginger kitty pics!!!!!

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Here's my Maggie, she's more peach than ginger though (she's a flame point Siamese). But, there's a ginger colored cat on the pillow in the background! LOL
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Maggie's gorgeous! Neat Pillow also BTW !! Thanks for sharing, Sam
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Here is our Orange guy!
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the lover orange kitties
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Wow! V.A.C Orange is beautiful, Do you mind If I use him as my background?

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Hi Val!

Should that be the lover OF orange kitties?

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I love orange kitties! Jules is all orange, Blondie is buff (pale orange), Sunshine is orange and white, and Tillie is a golden-orange. We've got an orange cat majority here!
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Here's my sweetie Jules!
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And another of him all crashed out!
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Sue Jules is super gorgeous!!!!
I'm loving these color threads Some body else make one
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Sam, Jules says thank mew. He is a handsome guy, isn't he? We had him outside on a leash today and the sun on his fur was just dazzling! He is a very vibrant orange!
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Minxi - you are a kiwi as well? Yay! Im a kiwi thats been living in the US the past few years - a chch girl here!

(sorry to go OT here)
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Kiwi's will soon take over eh!

That's Ok Jules & Sue , I love his nose .. It's like Val's Neos nosie nosie
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Sam did you post a picture of Elmo and I just missed it?
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Here's Elmo! Especially for Teresa!!
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What a cutie! I love his markings!
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Was that too much Roo?
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There's no such thing as too much Roo! He's sooooooooooooo gorgeous

Thanks Teresa, I will try & post some more Tickle Me Elmo. Elmo won 10 BIS's at big shows, I'm very proud of him
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My babies:


and the big guy,
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I have a couple red tabby boys myself. I love 'em!
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