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Ginger enjoying her first day out of cage confinement since she gave birth!

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On April 2nd I brought Ginger home from the streets of the neighborhood I worked in to have her babies in a safe environment and to help do my part in stopping the pet overpopulation. Although I didn't bring her into my home, I brought her into my life and my heart (not to mention my checkbook). She lived in an outdoor enclosure and gave birth to and raised 5 beautiful healthy babies, 4 girls and 1 boy. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find Ginger a furrever indoor home, but she does have furrever outdoor home here with me now.

On monday Ginger was spayed and her life is now forever changed. No responsibility no heat cycles, just living life for her. So Tuesday night she got her first taste of life out of the cage since her babies were about 2 weeks old. She wore a harness and leash--teaching her where she lives first and can't let her roam from until she is healed from her surgery. She has been out each night since on the harness and leash--and is taking to it well for an adult who has never been on one.

Here she is enjoying the porch--she was scared to leave it at first--but now loves laying in the grass.


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Awwwww! Such a beautiful girl.
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Thanks, I agree.

I get so teary eyed thinking about her. I never thought I'd get attached to her, she's just so sweet.

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Ginger is such a beautiful girl. She tugs at my heartstrings with those soulful eyes. Thank you for doing this good thing for her and her babies.
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Ginger is beautiful.

You are amazing.... you've done a great job with her and her babes.... Thank you for that. I'm glad she has a furrever outdoor home with you
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Wow! I'm so impressed you were able to harness her! She's lovely, and I'm sure she's happy there with you taking care of her.
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myfamiliars--thank you. I just realized this week how beautiful her eyes are--they seem to really tell her story. I did what I could and feel very blessed I could offer her what I have.

snake_lady--thank you so much. no cat deserves to be thrown out on the street. she is so sweet and has obviously known love.

pushylady--thanks--yeah I was surprised she took to the harness so well, I talked her through the whole thing, and I think she trusted me that this was her opportunity for freedom until she heals. since day one of bringing her home pregnant I have always spoken to her telling her why she was here, what I was doing for her etc. I had to--being caged there wasn't a whole lot else I could offer. I've been promising her for weeks that she would get to be out of the cage as soon as she was spayed. She really seems to mentally connect with me. Perhaps it has helped bonding through the cage. I think she also has built a trust because of me helping with her babies and all.

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