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How my little brats have a good time.

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A friend of mine sent the boys some treats in the mail - apparently they REALLY liked them.

Here's where I keep the treats - on the bottom shelf, next to the white CD boxes.

To get to them, a kitty must hop onto the piano bench, jump up to the piano, move from there to the top of the TV, and then finally to the shelf. While that's not a terribly complicated route, Birmans tend to be on the lazy side, and they never go up there. I've had three bags up there for awhile, with no incident.

I went to give them treats the other day, and the bags were missing. Here's where I found them.

And the thief returning to the scene of the crime - Chay, my evil genius.

The damage

And a few close-ups of the bags

Needless to say, they pigged out and had a lot of fun. I put the bags back up, and they were back on the floor this morning. They're on the higher shelf now!
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hehe my sooty does that he even opens drawers to get to them
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Next thing you know, Chay will be plotting world domination. Good job Chay, you genius, you.
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That is so funny!

I guess if a cat really wants something, they will go and get it.
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I bet if you asked, he did it for Callie. Has to make sure that pretty girl has all the best things in life, you know!
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Ha! They lull you into thinking they're inactive, and then BAM! They fetch their own treats and have a midnight feeding party. That's so funny.
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You may have to resort to getting a container with a lid they can't open.
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Oh dear That's something Rosie and Jack would do

Their treats are Whiskers, but their in a small plastic box in the shape of a kitties head. They learnt that if they knocked the box of the windowsill the lid came off so they could eat as many as they wanted, so i had to get a proper container for their them.
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