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I am really not sure what catergory this falls under but i can not believe with all the unwanted cats and kittens that this is going on.

Our cat Bird recently had her first kitten, it was still born so my child is very upset and we decided to breed her to make a better experiance. She is a domestic, good tempered, beutiful tortis shell cat. We are looking for a tom cat with at least mild temper and handsom, NOT nudered, dosent need to be purbread
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I just sent her an email...

<<<<<<<Nudered??? I think you mean NEUTERED. Spellcheck is your friend!

And...purebread? Is that like whole wheat or multi-grain?? It's purebred, idiot!

I hope the other one is stillborn too. You know how many unwanted kittens and cats are put to sleep every day?? Try about 16,000!!! A DAY!!! Keep that in mind when you have that "better experience"!>>>>>>>>
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I wonder how old this person is?
There are other words she spelled wrong also.
People like that should not have cats.
I am sure she will get some nasty emails.
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How totaly flipping depressing is that? With my house bursting at the seams with rescued kitties, and knowing that just on the street I live on there are hundreds more that I can't do anything for, someone advertises for a mate for their cat.

Nasty e-mails will probably defeat the purpose, flooding their box with nice ones begging them to reconsider and explaining why might possibly have some effect. I already sent mine.
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I was so upset when i read that message,so upsetting.
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*puts on Boots of Buttkicking*

I can understand the kid not getting it. The parent is supposed to be an adult and think things through. If the parent thinks it's a good idea to have a mess of kittens, they can go down to the freaking humane society and not roll the dice on them coming out stillborn again and solve a piece of the overpopulation problem instead of adding to it...

I'm pretty sure one of my cats would make a good mama cat because of how she used to take care of this one stuffed toy, and I also think that having a litter of little fluffy miracles around would be a "good experience," so if it weren't for the overpopulation problem I'd probably find out, but in this real world in which we exist it's just not responsible. Sheesh.
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My advice to this person:
Go to the local animal control and ask them how many kittens they have euthanised already this year, while there ask them the closest place to have your female spayed
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