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How is Luna?

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How is Luna doing? Last I heard she had ring worm.
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I haven't seen any posts from Auroraviva.

Where are you??????? Did you leave us???
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She usually posts in the evenings I noticed in the spam thread usually.....she just posted a couple nights ago..
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bump again
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I was wondering how she is too, hope she is doing better.
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Hey y'all. It's so nice having people who care so much!!! You guys made my day.

Luna is a little better. We still have to dip her every three or four days, which just is so sad, she is so pitiful. I hate having to do that to her. And I'm very allergic to the shampooo and the dip we use, so I'm not much help. Alex's brother, Andrew, has started helping, with is nice. We were able to let her out of isolation since the vet said she shouldn't be contagious anymore. I'm staying busy trying to keep the apartment clean, too.

Other than that, all h*** has broken loose in my life lately, it seems. I'm still working full time and taking classes over the summer. I'm finally trying to start working on planning my wedding, which is hard, since Alex and I have trouble finding the time. Plus, I am having difficulties with my best friend, who is supposed to be my maid of honor. She and Andrew started going out back in January, and now he recently broke up with her. Since then, she hasn't had much contact with me, and I really need her right now. I understand it may be ackward for her since I live with Andrew, but . . . I don't know.

AND Alex and I are in dire straights financially, too. His job as a waiter has stopped bringing in any money. The restaurant just isn't seeing the kind of clientele it usually does since summer started. He did start a full time job at a bank on June 2, but he won't get his first pay check for that til July 15. So, I'm the only one making any money right now, and I've had to lend him a ton of money already, and will have to do more, including rent for July, until he gets paid.

Plus, his dad owes me $550. His huskies killed my Macaw, Niki, about a year and a half ago. So, he owed me a pet, so to speak. He was going to give me the amount that it cost to buy Niki. He and I agreed he'd send me the money by the beginning of June so I could have it to pay for Luna back. We decided on this back in March when I first decided to get her. However, now he's mad at me and Alex since we're going on a trip to Cancun with my dad. He and my dad became best friends after they met through us and went into business together. Things didn't go well, though, and now they hate each other. So, he's not sending me the money anymore, which stinks since I've already paid for Luna out of my own pocket, expecting he'd be reimbursing me. I don't think it's any of his business if I go on a trip with my dad. So, I'm strapped right now, and it's frustrating since none of it is inherently MY problem, I managed my money fine, people just owe me too much money right now and aren't paying me back. I don't mind about Alex, we are engaged after all, and we're in this together. But, I don't think there's much excuse for what his dad is doing right now.

And to top it all off, Alex and I are having problems. We are both really stressed about money, for starters. And we fight a lot about the problems with our dads. I think he should stand up for me to his dad more. He is upset at my dad over things my dad did while in business with his dad, and he won't let it go. It's just a mess. And we both tend to snap at eachother since we're so stressed, so we constantly fight about stupid things. I hate it! I just want us to get along.

I'm sorry this is so long, and I hate to complain, but I just needed to vent. I can't really talk about everything with anyone, so some people know about one or two problems I'm having, but almost no one knows about all of them, so it's tough. Again, sorry to complain so much. So, if I'm not around much the next couple weeks, that's why. Sometimes I just feel like crawling in a little hole and not coming out.
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Aww, Viva, I am sorry things are rough right now for you!!!

Don't crawl into a hole; crawl over to the computer and come on here, we're here for ya! Sending you a great big hug, and one for Luna too.
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Ack! Viva you're just a very nice person, and this kinda stuff happens to the best of us. I'm such a softie and always go very far outta my way to help people I know and most of the time it puts me in a bad position and I'll be strapped for cash or some such. Craig constantly gets on to me about it. So I know exactly how you feel.

We're here to listen and support don't be afraid to log on and rant!
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