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Emo cat

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Sorry if the title is offencive to any one, but the kitten that we saved about a year ago is pretty much emo. She never plays, only purs around other cats, and sits right where every one walks and does not move unless some one moves her. We have taken her to the vet and they said she was perfectly fine. She is a 1 year old fluffy calico cat.
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Well, since I don't know what emo is, I'm not offended. I'm also not sure if you're asking a question or want advice? Tell us a little more about your cat, and we'd love to see pictures.
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Originally Posted by GoldyCat View Post
Well, since I don't know what emo is, I'm not offended.
Emo is: a genre of music that originated from hardcore punk early on, and adopted pop-punk influences later on in the 2000s when it became mainstream. It has since come to describe several variations of music with common roots and associated fashion and stereotypes.

I'm not sure if the o.p. is asking a question or advice either but I'm also not sure how her temperament describes being emo. Every cat we have had is unique in his or her own way.
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Is the vet SURE she is not partially blind? Is she eating, drinking and using the litter box ok? Any more info about her behavior you can share will help.

Sorry, I just read your post today on your old thread from a year ago about this cat.

This may help others understand the trouble you were having then. What did the vet say last year when you took her after you found her?
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I'm not all that familiar with the entire you have other cats? Have you tried playing with interactive toys (da bird, laser light, etc.?) Have you had cats before? (Not being patronizing, but cats are, well, independent. When I am home sick or whatever all day, I notice that my cats do mostly nothing all day.)

I also have one cat that just sort of follows me around all the time and sits on the floor. He's not overly affectionate, but it seems that is that way he shows that he likes me.

Oh, and how old is the cat?
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GoldyCat, Emo stands for over emotional some times depressed.

Neely, I was just wondering if it was normal.

Skimble, Yes they are she can see perfectly fine.
Yeah, she even eats the dogs food if the dog doesn't eat it right away. She is very greedy when it comes to food. I have other cats and the water gets cleaned and refilled once a day. I know for a fact she urinates. I wasn't there when my mom took her, I was doing some thing else I can;t remember what it was, but my mom said the vets said she was very skinny, dehydrated, and had worms. They gave us medicine to give her and the worms died.

kluchetta, Yes 8 others we got them the same way as her, just not in this shape. Yes she plays with them, just not my sisters bird. She likes to watch my fish, but not the reptiles or birds. She will play with you unless she knows it is you doing it.
Yes I have had cats before but none of them have acted like this
She is a year old.
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Playing with another cat

Dog watching her

Sorry for the bad pictures, I didn't take them.
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she is certainly a beautiful cat!

our oldest cat is the same way, he has never been playful and prefers sleep to all other activities. some cats are just lazy bums
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